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Five stars because I like my story. Welcome to my second novel! I already wrote and (nearly, depending on when you read this) finished my first novel Lightning Is the only Way at over 1300 chapters. There have been some mistakes in my first novel since it was, well, my first novel. This one is my second novel, and I rectified those mistakes. When I write, I mainly focus on emotions. It doesn't matter which one, power, loss, depression, happiness, whatever. I believe novels have to evoke emotions in the reader, and that's what I focus on. You can give me whatever feedback you want, as long as it's actual feedback. Have fun reading!

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How can a novel of such high quality be present here in this site, where half of the time is spent on searching for books which are at least readable. Gosh, I can't emphasize how amazing of a novel this is. The world is alive, the characters are human, there's logic to the world and power, the MC feels very relatable, the pace of the story is perfect, and the storyline is awesome!! READ IT NOW!!!!


This story is good, however, i havent seen any reviews really criticizing anything, so ill have to do it myself. First, the author seems to enjoy wasting time rambling needlessly for chapters on end. A simple trimp from a village to the academy took like 20 chapters for no reason, it could have been handled within 5. Second, i noticed that he attempts to make the MC appear smart in the initial chapters but it just comes across as forced and makes the MC look dumber because his “smarts” are common sense lol (BUT because it was the initial chapters ima let that slide) Third, once again coming back to the authors rambling. Each action and even that take place do NOT need to be 5-10 chapters long lol, not ever event is that important and shouldnt be drawn out for the word count. Fourth, (just a pet peeve of mine) i feel that the MC is very naive for no reason. Like not in the normal sense of the word but hes very easily influenced?? If that makes sense. Like, he sees some man fly, and freaks out and starts “respecting him” (even though this dude literally met GOD 5 seconds ago) I dont know it is just weird, this kind of stuff happens a lot. (Anyways, loving the story so far author, hope you dont do anything so outrageous that i end up dropping, youd be suprised how many times that happens)


I can’t wait to see where this novel goes! LitOW is an incredible novel and my expectations are even higher for this one! Show us what you got Warmaisach!!!


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I almost never leave reviews, but this novel needs one. First off, let me state that this novel is by far the best written I have encountered here. By the standards of Webnovel, it is a diamond. It is so good however, that I’m not holding it to those, I am going to hold it to the standards of actual published books. If you judge it as such, unfortunately, the novel falls short. Let’s start with my number one issue: PACING. The novel is slow, tediously, almost painfully, slow. I know some novels start off this way and then pick up the pace but with this one, I feel that is highly unlikely, mainly due to mthe writing style. The author apparently feels the uncontrollable urge to explain absolutely everything, no matter how meaningless. Everything, from the mechanics of the weather to how the sewage system works is expounded upon with excruciating detail, all while letting us know the mc’s feelings about it, and the feelings of the people who built the sewers as well. At the rate this is going, the icecaps will finish melting before Shang gets anything done. Exposition is like sugar on a cake, too little and the cake is bland, too much and it’s inedible. Info dumps can be useful tools when used properly, in faster paced novels they are meant to get the worldbuilding out of the way so you can get to the action faster, a bit crude, but it works. Another way of exposition (and the best way in my opinion) is to spread bits of information about the world as the character explores it making it feel more natural and engrossing. The operative word being “bits” of information, you can even alternate these methods if you want, along your story. What you should not do however is make every ”bit” an infodump as the action of the story stagnates. Overall, the author is good writer, his style reminds me of Robert Jordan’s, and most people would agree he was a great writer. Unfortunately I cannot keep reading this novel, for the same reason I never finished the Wheel of Time, the same reason Jordan died before he finished writing his epic tale, the pacing is glacial.


Good plot, terrible execution. Meant to be a warrior in a world where magic reigns supreme, instead got an MC which focuses too heavily on his magical aspects. His personality ain’t so fun to sit through either. God gave him a crazy affinity which essentially permanately destroys anything it touches (slowly eats the world) and gave him control over beings which does the same thing, but like an endless army of them. Then, after that, story goes down from there. MC realizes that he could potentially be an enemy of literally all things living so he became nihilistic and apathetic. Killing innocents, killing children (Mage children obv) and doing anything to further his pursuit of power. He summons those monsters to get more powerful by absorbing the strongest one and then, without caring about the consequences, allows the rest of the weaker ones to just rampage around, leaving other people to clean his mess. Those monsters don’t care about what they be killing either, so naturally a bunch of villages with normal families also just get turned into dust. He ain’t shy in throwing the people who has no beef with him (and even somewhat help him) under the bus if they slightly do anything wrong or inconvenience him. Almost Reverened Insanity-ish but worse since such a personality switch was completely unwarranted, illogical and completely pathetic. I mean, while imprisoned, he taught someone how to be strong and such, but whilst fleeing from the Kingdom, he had to kill him to keep his identity a secret because he recognized him?? What? Why introduce him all together? To change the main characters personality to an unfeeling and uninteresting robot? (There is more to it but if you got to this part then you’ll know what I’m talking about) Honestly it is such a terrible excuse that after seeing no changes later on, as well as the quality of writing taking a dive (often repeating and worthless paragraphs) I decided to just drop the book. Going off in a tangent; don’t get me started on the personality on some of these mages either, despite the book saying otherwise, they DO feel like a hive mind - literally no human qualities on some of these guys, just feels like robots in general. I wish there was some form of rivalry or something with the Magic academy, or more Mage companions that sympathize with the warrior cause (or any new companions in general). Or anything to make the world feel more alive, but no we’re stuck with like 6 people, the rest he just kills off or does not care about them in general. Naturally I did not cover the entire book, and I did not want to either. I wanted readers to know what they’re getting into. This is not a valiant, brave sword man who would shoulder the pressure of the Magic world so that warriors before him may get stronger. But a cold, unfeeling, unholy Summoner, which so happens to have a pretty sword and strong body that constantly brings out an army of plot devices and throws the main idea of the story out the window cause the author himself doesn’t know where to take it. Perhaps the author wanted to introduce plot devices to make the story interesting, perhaps not. I could atleast understand the thinking in some of these decisions, but the story is just all over the place. I personally can’t recommend someone spending money on this book unless you dont mind the MC being a pseudo Calamity Mage with strange applications of Magic and the sword - with the occasional exaggerated panic attacks when he kills something with the slightest bit of significance, of course.


The world setup is great, which is why it is so disappointing that the mc has such an unlikable personality. The only character growth is negative and repetitive. There are less than half a dozen people who the mc even considers worth talking to, but he'd let them all die for a 5% increase in power.


160 chapters review the novel is good at the beginning but the pace is very slow the magic system is quite organized although I don't like the fights they take too long they explain too much and the MC is traumatized for having killed people who deserved to die. He has personality problems from his past on earth; also people are extremely talkative the protagonist just says ah ah and they respond like 56 paragraphs trying to change MC way of thinking I don't understand how this happens, but is annoying. instead I would like more worlbuilding explaining how the world works.


From the premise beginning this novel already has cringe, cliche, nonsense backstory haish. Not worth it


Very interesting premise, top notch writing quality and a power system that makes you want to learn more about it. Writing this at only 20 chapters in, but I recommend people to try, if for nothing else then simply because the authors previous novel was incredible.


generic trash novel. downloaded this because i was going to a remote area just to read a nonsense, unexciting, full of **it novel. waste of time.


Review as of chapter 630. Might include minor spoilers but I'll try to keep them to a minimum. Short Version: Stop scrolling through reviews and just go read the novel! Long Version: I'll start off by saying that this novel is simply amazing. Stories like this are what keeps me from just deleting the app due to the sheer number of unreadable nonsense it has. Now for an actual breakdown: Writing Quality - The quality is simply top-notch. No grammatical mistakes, clear and concise sentences that flow into each other beautifully, as well as smooth transitions between different points throughout the story. It's obvious that the author has improved in this regard by quite a bit, compared to his first novel (Lightning is the Only Way), which was already incredible by Webnovel standards. Story Development - The novel is slow-paced for the most part, and especially at the beginning, but I find that positive in this case, since we get a better look at the struggles Alex (later Shang) has to go through to adapt to a completely new reality where his life is constantly on the line. There are eventual time skips in the story, which are unavoidable simply due to the fact that you can't become a Sword God without hundreds (quite possibly thousands at this rate) years of training. Character Design - This is the biggest reason for this novel's success. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is fleshed out in such detail that it wouldn't surprise me if the author one day revealed he has been studying the human mind for over 100 years. As for Shang himself, the many hardships he has gone through and the eventual revelation that he is, for reasons I obviously won't mention here, the enemy of the world (Opposer vibes 😉), have made him resolved to do whatever it takes to reach his goal. He will sacrifice anything and anyone for power. Updating Stability - Not much to say here. 2 chapters a day plus the fact that the author is an absolute legend. Broke both his arms at some point and somehow still pushed out chapters until he was eventually forced to take a small break. World Background - We get a basic understanding of how the world works and how the mages have complete rule over it early in the story and get more and more pieces of information in regards to the powers they wield, as well as the nature of the world itself, as the story progresses. Admittedly, there have been a few instances where the author goes into too much detail about something that isn't really relevant, but that isn't nearly enough to make the story less enjoyable, at least for me. Overall, this is truly an incredible story and I highly recommend it. Truly impressive work so far, Heat. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


just wow! full transparency I was only looking for a book to read as a filler story while waiting for other novels in my library to update. Instead I have found myself completely immersed into the authors story here and now find myself hoping for additional chapters every time I open the app! The pace of the story is on point, actions and reactions are realistic and the MC isn't an invincible character that will get out of every scenario unharmed. The story is unique and there is world building happening in the background that comes to light that you realize the world is so much bigger than the MC realizes I am going to have to check out the authors other novel to see if I love it just as much as this one


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Call me crazy but I would like my MC to have a higher reason for existing than entertaining a bored God. The novel is mediocre, the power system is not that good with the MC becoming powerful by breaking his body and absorbing mana to heal the damage. Also the MC is limited to not using magic by the God for his amusement and thrown into the middle of a forest in a teenager body with 1 day's supplies surrounded by monsters and no survivalist knowledge but equipped with handy dandy plot armour because why have an MC that can use logic and reasoning to navigate dangerous situations when plot armour does just fine. Overall I give the novel a solid Meh...


first let me tell you that this review contains spoiler ! is it worth your money ? ( coins ) It depends . If you enjoy stories without harem / romance / then go ahead . It's a gold . If you want a harem tag tagging along then it's a disappointment harem - no there isn't . I'm the type of guy who doesn't read novels if it doesn't have harem tag .. no harem ? drop ! . but the author doesn't come clean about if it contains harem and to find out your self . Remember he doesn't say that it doesn't contains harem and to find out your self .. which is a bait to capture more readers . Personal review - 1 -200 chapters all the mc does is train ,eat , sleep , have a mental breakdown , and the cycle repeats itself . I thought of dropping couple of times but went forward anyway . It's quite irritating at this rate . after chapter 300 it's quite readable and story continues to get interesting . And it made me forgot all the frustration I had previously . I dropped at 402 chapter after the protagonist wants to share about orgin of him and his teacher ( they are from earth ) and about the god to others . It destroyed the full meaning of the story for me and I don't like when the protagonist goes around telling others about his secret / Trump card / system / god / reincarnation etc .. what's the point ? it's the only thing that makes mc unique and, I think people who argue about it are people pleasers . whatever is the case I don't care anymore . . natural review- extremely well detailed story , slow I mean extremely slow story till 300 chapter and later story takes off . Interesting world background . Good updating stability . well though story and characters development . if you can handle till 300 chapters . .. you won't be disappointed .


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This is one of the most disappointing stories I've ever read. The story concept is fantastic and the setting is amazing! Unfortunately, the main character continuously shows no growth mentally, and slowly devolves into a psychopathic killer who cares only about themselves. They repeatedly tease the readers by showing a small amount of emotional growth, then immediately revert back into being a heartless killing machine. If you want to watch someone fall into being a villain, I guess this story is for you. I wish there had been a tag for it, because I wouldn't have wasted my time.


It felt slightly fresh in the beginning but got boring very fast after MC got into acadmy. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wants to see slightly faster progress in story.