Sword God in a World of Magic

The God of this world had grown angry and frustrated yet again. His world was supposed to entertain him! It was supposed to be fun to watch! Yet, every single guy in his world only practiced Magic all of the time! This was so boring! "Alright, that's it. I need someone else, someone who actually has some originality to show my world that there's more than just Magic. I need someone that is willing to destroy themselves and others on his path to power. I need someone that doesn't crack under any mortal danger." "I should check out that other planet. Yes, you!" Alex was an ex-fighter trying to come to terms with normal life. Sadly, his life ended in tragedy, but before he could enter the afterlife, he was pulled away by a God that wants him to fix his world. Watch Alex as he dominates the world of Mages and becomes the only Sword God in a World full of nothing but Mages! ----- 2 Chapters a day at 3 am China-time. This is my second novel. You can also check out my first novel, Lightning Is the Only Way. Discord link: https://discord.gg/EfePH46Aru

Warmaisach · Fantasy
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1033 Chs

Chapter 999 – The Ultimate Tournament

It was finally time. 


After 50,000 years, the time had finally arrived.


The Ultimate Tournament.


The strongest Mage King would become the newest Mage Emperor!


While all the weaker people were excited about the rise of another Emperor, the Mage Kings and Mage Emperors became worried.


While the normal people didn't know the specifics about every Mage King, the Mage Kings themselves knew that this tournament was only for show.


They knew that King Sanctified Death would win.


Whenever any of the Mage Kings just so much as looked at him, they already felt helplessly inferior.


It was like they were looking at a Mage Emperor!


King Sanctified Death was on a level that they couldn't even hope to resist!


Luckily, this tournament wasn't to the death.