955 Chapter 955 – Instinct and Consciousness

Shang kept experimenting on different Abomination Kings for over 2,000 years.


Sometimes, he would change something in the Abomination King that would effectively cripple them, making any further experiments lack any validity.


But other times, Shang also managed to improve the intelligence of the Abomination King.


One of them even managed to learn to speak.


Over many experiments, Shang managed to comprehend what allowed Abominations to become intelligent, and he could change a new Abomination King into an intelligent one very quickly.


Sadly, there was one thing that Shang was unable to fix.


Their pure hatred for Mana.


No matter what Shang did, he couldn't stop the Abomination Kings' wild hatred for anything related to Mana.


In the end, he could only accept that hatred for Mana came naturally to beings made of Entropy.



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