950 Chapter 950 – Exodus

Shang bit down on the face, but it didn't do anything.


The faces could bite him, but he couldn't bite them.


Nevertheless, something had changed.


The face entered Shang's body, but it didn't come out again.


However, its presence still caused Shang immense pain.


Shang could feel the hatred of the swallowed face become more intense, which made Shang feel even more pain.


The face hated Shang's act of defiance.


That was why it wanted to cause even more pain to Shang.


No matter what it took.


Shang just gritted his teeth and grabbed another face.




Another face entered Shang's body, and now, two faces were causing Shang eternal pain.


'Pain doesn't matter!'


'Pain has no power over me!'


'As long as I do not consciously decide to kill myself, the pain has no effect whatsoever!'


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