949 Chapter 949 – Faces in the Dark

Shang had no idea where he was or what he was.


An eternal darkness was engulfing him.


The darkness was seeping into his body and causing unimaginable pain.


The warping and moving darkness around Shang kept seeping in and out of his body. It was almost like Shang wasn't corporeal.


Faces appeared in the darkness.


They were smiling, crying, filled with hate, filled with love, and every other kind of imaginable emotion.


They screamed and laughed.


Millions of faces screamed and laughed as they passed through Shang's body, tearing him to pieces.


Shang was under unimaginable pain.


It had never been this bad before.


An eternity passed.


Shang still didn't know what he was.


Was he one of these faces?


Was he part of the darkness?



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