475 Chapter 475 – No Games

There were seven people inside a humongous hall that looked like a cave.

This was King Skythunder's throne room.

At the moment, the five members of the main Council, the Archduke, and King Skythunder were waiting for the meeting to begin.

The five members of the Council were not happy to be there.

They had a war to fight, and every second they were away from the frontline was endangering the Skythunder Kingdom.

Yet, King Skythunder had still called them all to gather here today.

It wasn't possible to refuse an order given by King Skythunder.

Even more, the five members of the Council didn't even know why they had been called. They only knew that this was a meeting.

They waited in this place for several minutes. No one dared to speak up or ask.

Eventually, the five members of the Council looked toward the south simultaneously.

Their eyes narrowed, and their brows furrowed.


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