473 Chapter 473 – Oliver and Shang

Shang saw a bit of his young self in Oliver. Sure, Shang had already been different from Oliver back then, but there certainly were similarities.

"Earth?" Oliver asked with a shocked expression. "What do you mean?"

Oliver tried to seem oblivious, but Shang could easily tell that Oliver knew what Shang was talking about.

"You are not the first person sent from Earth to this place, and you won't be the last. These words have been said to me by my predecessor, and now I'm speaking them to you," Shang said evenly.

"Just like you, I have come from Earth. I was sent here when I was in my early twenties, and I was a retired professional MMA fighter back then."

Oliver still looked shocked.

There was someone else from Earth here?!

He had thought he had been the only one!

"So, you also came from Earth?" Oliver asked.

"That's what I said," Shang said coldly.


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