469 Chapter 469 – Lucius Volstad

Shang took a deep breath after he finished the letter.

The contents of this letter were beyond shocking.

Then, Shang read the letter again to make sure that he hadn't missed anything crucial.

"If you are reading this, it means I am dead."

That was how the letter started.

"My name is Lucius Volstad, and I am the Mage God, formerly known as the Mage Emperor."

Shang remembered the corpse the God had kicked around the room.

This was a letter from this person.

This was a letter from a person that was on the same level as the God of this world.

"If you can read this, it means that you are the successor to my legacy."

"Just like you, I have been cursed with this Affinity that binds me to the Abominations. I have control over Fire, Ice, Light, and Darkness."

"You and I are known as the Children of Calamity in this world. The more powerful we become, the more powerful the Abominations become."


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