386 Chapter 386 – Cross Comprehension


Shang was thrown away, and his arms broke. However, they were quickly healed by his warrior's body.

He quickly caught himself and charged forward again.

In front of him was a massive beetle with two gigantic horns. It looked very similar to a stag beetle from Earth.

Shang had been fighting this specimen for several minutes by now, which was very unusual for him since most of his fights only took a couple of seconds.

However, Shang wasn't fighting the beetle to kill it but to train himself.

Right now, Shang had made Sword burn off a bit of its mass and made it transform into a long saber with a thick back.

The feeling Sword gave him when he swung it was very different from normal.

'Sure enough, without using my Affinity or Domain, fighting a Late Commander Stage beast isn't that easy, but that's exactly what I need.'


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