373 Chapter 373 – Hiding

Shang landed in an area that resembled a burned forest. All the trees he could see were blackened and without any foliage. They looked almost like black needles that pierced the sky.

The air was dry and filled with static electricity. It wasn't difficult for Shang to guess the Affinity of the resident Zone Beast.

To the southeast, Shang could hear the distant sounds of battle. As time passed, the sounds only became louder and not quieter.

'Seems like the Blackshadow Kingdom is assaulting the Grandmountain Kingdom.'

'Right now, everyone is occupied, giving me the perfect opportunity to flee. I don't want to create another huge incident just one Zone away from the last one. I think I should go to the next Zone directly.'

Shang started running through the dead Zone. From time to time, he could see lightning bolts strike the dead trees near him, which explained why they all looked so dead.


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