366 Chapter 366 – Last Push

For about half a minute, the Mages were only following Shang as he fully entered the Ancestral Mountain Zone.

In front of Shang was something that looked like the end of the world. 

It was just a giant wall of stone that stretched into the sky seemingly forever.

No one knew how high the Ancestral Mountain was, but they were sure it was over 15 kilometers tall.

It was absolutely gigantic.

Shang only needed to traverse another two kilometers until he reached the Ancestral Mountain.

"If he reaches the mountain, we won't be able to catch him anymore!" Esther shouted. "We attack now!"

The other four Mages nodded.

And then, they all released several Mana Steps.


The five Mages suddenly appeared between Shang and the mountain, their Spells ready.

They had unleashed four Mana Steps to get here.


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