1024 Chapter 1024 – Silence

Gregorio felt several conflicting emotions.


On the one hand, he thought that he had become the very thing he had always wanted to destroy.


Gregorio had always put quite some importance on protecting life. After all, the Lightning Manor had even forbidden memories from being read. On top of that, Gregorio had voluntarily taken the job to find the Child of Calamity for the good of the world.


But now, Gregorio was going to be part of the group of people that would eradicate all life in the world.


They were the powerful ones, and they were about to kill everything weaker than them.


Yet, on the other hand, Gregorio was also interested in witnessing the birth of the legendary level six Concepts of Life and Death.


Additionally, Gregorio also grew more excited about his eventual future outside of Aterium.


Gregorio looked over at Shang.



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