1020 Chapter 1020 – Research

After some days, more and more Mage Lords and Mage Kings appeared near Shang's body, but they also always left very quickly after appearing.


Whenever any of them saw Shang, they felt this deep feeling of absolute terror in their chests.


It was like Shang wasn't supposed to exist.


It was like Shang represented the end of the world.


Being anywhere close to him felt like suicide.


Shang didn't react to any of the Mage Lords or Mage Kings. The most he did was to look at some of them with one of his eyes.


After some weeks, the chaos amongst the Mage Kings had mostly calmed down.


All the Mage Kings had searched for their Emperors, but they couldn't find them.


Naturally, if Kali, Gregorio, and Abaddon didn't want to be seen, no Mage King would be able to see them.


Because of that, everyone believed that every Mage Emperor had died.



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