1013 Chapter 1013 – Decision

So, this was it, huh?


This was the fate of the world.


As the most powerful being in the world, Shang had made his judgment.


The world would reset in a thousand years.


In a thousand years, everything that was alive would die.


The world would transform into a lifeless and dead planet.


By now, Abaddon had regained his usual confident calm, and he could only smile happily.


He would get what he had always wished for.


Abaddon had comprehended every single Concept in existence except for the level six Concepts of Life and Death.


With those two, Abaddon would finally know all of them.


He would know how all of Aterium worked.


Maybe, he could even build his own Aterium in the future?


Maybe, he could change how his own Aterium worked?



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