1009 Chapter 1009 – Not of This World

Shang just laughed loudly as all the Emperors began to attack him.


Amon Gus, the Twilight Dusk Emperor, released terrifying lasers of darkness.


Bina Ching, the Darkcold Empress, released a blizzard made of darkness and ice.


Brutus Cesar, the Land and Sky Emperor, released a terrifying storm filled with stones.


Jenny Greenhouse, the Climate Empress, released alternating storms of hot and cold.


Isis Neweston, the Event Horizon Empress, helped the Archivist's Horn in defending from Shang's attacks.




Amon Gus' lasers were dispersed by a huge sword.




Bina Ching's storm was weakened by the Domain of Entropy and finally collapsed when it hit Shang's powerful body.


The same thing happened to Brutus Cesar's storm.


Jenny Greenhouse's avalanche of attacks was parted by three of Shang's swords cutting through them.


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