1005 Chapter 1005 – Nivera Preston

The Emperors readied their Spells while Abaddon just watched with a friendly smile.


Shang just stood behind Abaddon like a faithful servant.


Kali and Gregorio were readying their own Spells.


There were nine Emperors present, and two of them would be fighting against the other seven.


However, Abaddon and Shang also had the power of Emperors, making their side have four Emperors.


Four versus seven.


As everyone gathered Mana, all of Aterium seemed to transform.


Even the True Mages at the edges of Aterium felt the Mana rapidly moving away from their position.


Even the weakest humans realized that something monumental was happening.


The Mage Kings could already guess what was happening.


The Emperors were fighting Abaddon.


"And I thought we could do all of this peacefully," Abaddon said with a helpless smile.



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