559 A New Nanny

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Lu Jin's collection expanded so much that he could already set up a small-scale museum.

Unsurprisingly, Lu Yi brought Ye Shuyun a large box of interesting gizmos that seemed to be local specialties, like jewelry, scarves, and handbags. However, he only gave one item to Lu Jin which was a flower vase from unknown sources, protected by a wooden box.

Lu Jin fetched the vase, hugging it to himself without letting others see. The rest might not know all about it, but he felt that it originated from the Yuan dynasty. He must get someone to evaluate it; besides, his years of experience of studying artifacts told him that the vase should be authentic.

Ye Shuyun was busy going through her gifts happily. Both of them received so many gifts recently until their hands felt sore.

"Madam," The house nanny walked over, tweaking the corners of her shirt, wanting to speak, but was too embarrassed to do so.


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