Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife
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Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife


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What is Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife

Read Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife novel written by the author Lizabelle88 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


*Love doesn't always bring the best person into your life, sometimes, love brings the worst people into your life. ~ Caroline loves money, an ambitious woman who will do anything for money. She come from a poor family background. Envious of her twin sister's good fortune enjoying a happy and secured life with her wealthy husband, Caroline believed that she must also be granted with the same amazing fate as her twin sister. She knows that money always comes with a heavy price... she's willing to pay any price! Meet... Mr. X... aka. Alex...he's upbringing isn't something that he can be proud of. He had a hard time trusting anyone. He rose to power, fame and wealth not because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but because it's an inheritance bestowed to him from the wealthy man who adopted him. When these two people meet... What's gonna happen? Will there will be sparks igniting between them? How about attraction, is it possible? And how about love? Will love bring the best or worst out of them? ~~~ ( Excerpt from the novel: ) Maybe she already developed tender feelings for him, but it's not yet on the same level as her feelings for her husband. But she thinks that if she stays longer in Alex's side she will eventually fall in love with his wonderful personality and his expertise when it comes to giving her mind-blowing pleasure every time they have intimate moments together. When she was with Alex, there is no awkwardness between them as if they have known each other for a long time. Any woman who can capture Alex's love and affection...she will be a lucky woman! Honestly, if she didn't meet Mike and she met Alex first, she will fall for him hard 'coz he is easy to love, maybe because they have good chemistry together? A smile appeared on her lips. That was also the time Alex glanced at her. He was looking at her tenderly, loving her smile. Their eyes locked for a few minutes... their gaze spoke volumes. Alex stood up, he went to her side, he whispered in her ear while nuzzling it, licking it lightly, producing arousing tingles on Carolines' body. "Let's make love after we're done cleaning the kitchen," he suggested naughtily. Caroline giggled. "OMG, you're so insatiable!" Alex grinned. "When it comes to you, I'm forever your slave, willing to bring pleasure to your body, anytime and anywhere," he winked at her and began kissing the exposed skin on her neck. ~All rights to the cover belong to the owner. *** My other novel on this site are the following: * The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny~ Demons, Vampires, Shapeshifter~ Ongoing. * Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Completed~ Contemporary Romance * The CEO's Painted Skin~ (Completed) Contemporary Romance~510 chapter. * The Last Embrace~ ( Completed) Fantasy Romance~ Vampires Love~ 472 chapters. * The Tale Of Three Sisters~ (Completed) Fantasy Romance~ Adventure.


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It is the continuation of story of John n Catherine n her twin sister caroline.how Caroline gets settled post trauma and her impending delivery and also life later. Had A good journey with author lizabelle 88 in "the ceos painted skin" nand now it continues with this story.i extend my good wishes for this story.hope it is liked as earlier.the updates are to the date,good impeccable English and her perseverance, commitment in writing brings me here.keep going author.💕👍


Its just too awesome ti start reading part 2 of the CEO PAINTED SKIN,the author really did a gud job n knows how to keep the readers entertained. Loved the book, love the author, God bless you


done reading the last chapter posted for this book... im looking forwat for caroline and Mr. X. love story goes..is mr x and mike one person?i also want mike to end up with caroline..


The story is proceeding seriously.the female lead is undergoing change in her character ofcourse towards a good way. We are going to witness development of Caroline , all the way from a selfish to victim to greedy and now to an ambition oriented woman. A few people are trying to build relationship with her.who would she choose and who would reside in her heart and who would get hurt in this process , is intriguing. The author has planned well in advance how to keep the reader hooked into this beautiful story on the life of Caroline. Eagerly waiting to read as I'm curious to know how it moulds.


I just started reading this book and it was just something I needed to remember the female and Male lead of the other novel but I want to read more about the female lead and Male lead of this novel


still following this uninteresting story bcs of clara, it'll be glad when she divorce her husband and dumped him. she deserve better than her husband ,


Good story. Character development is good. Liked the twists and turns. Writing quality and grammar needs improvement. Liked the play with emotions


It's a good read. Nice story . character development is good. Twists and turns keep you going. Overall a nice de reading experience need more information on certain character s


This is the 2nd novel I read bY this author. I’m liking this novel so far and looking forward to reading the whole novel. So far I’m enjoying the flow of it. I highly recommend it!!!


Dear author... U have justified your writing skill... I love it... Thank you for writing.. All the best.. Will definitely love to read more...


great story love to read it waiting for more stories Nd wanting hero Nd heroin to fall in love with each other immensely Nd irrevocably Nd want baddies to be punished


I love this story! I suspense of waiting for the next chapters are driving me to keep checking and checking, sometimes two or three times. But I'm willing to wait. Thank you for reading this. I love each detail!


I really like this book. Is it completed yet?! I feel like it was at a exciting event! Please let me know when it complete please! Did the boys find her? Why didn't she tell her sister she was pregnant? I hope Allison get a little of heart and not kill her husband. Alex keep digging!


I don’t really like books like these but this one is okay. The story plot is good and the writing is also good. I will continue to read it! Good luck author


It's a nice one. The text is engaging enough and written in sensible English. I liked it very much. Though there is scope of improvement in grammar. I liked it none the less.


Since the sequel of ceo's painted skin came out..right away added to the library's list to read..so far enjoy the plot..more darker and bold..i hope can enjoy it till the end


Hello dear author Thank you for writing such a beautiful story❤️❤️I have read Ur CEO painted skin n it was so beautifully described even the continuing part of that book is amazing...hats off to you ❤️ I will definitely recommend Ur novel to my friends....n one more thing thank you for updating regularly 👍👍


I just started reading this book. So far it's interesting.. Really interesting. I want to know more the more I read. Can't help but to know more. Done a great job author.. Hope u will write something more..


Nice book. There's a bit of grammatical error but if you look past that you'd enjoy the story. Of course you need to read the first novel to get better understanding. I am confused, was Catherine or no did she have a son before she was kidnapped? Nevertheless good story kip it work.


I love the story from the beginning. The writing is great though they may be minor grammar mistakes. But it’s not to the point that it obstruct the readers. Anyway nice story! I love the plot and oohh lord the steamy session. Sorry for being a shameless reader 🤭 Even if the readers haven’t read the previous book regarding the other characters, don’t worry you will not be confused since there will be introduced at the beginning.


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