Sweet Pregnant Wife CEO Phillip's Fierce Love Book

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Sweet Pregnant Wife CEO Phillip's Fierce Love


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When Phillip met Ann again, she was with another man. And she even had a daughter. Wait ... Why did her daughter look like him so much? Phillip was furious. He separated Ann and the man, and then made her his wife. He was so powerful that Ann was soon stunned with her jaw dropped by things he did one after another. He not only taught a jerk and a bitch a lesson but also bought a private plane to take her to and from work, and took her to an island for vacation and on a yacht to travel around the world? When Ann was pushed by her three cute kids to the stage of her wedding, and when a ten-carat diamond ring that looked like a pigeon egg was placed on her finger, Phillip in front of her was incredibly affectionate, "Ann, you have given me three babies. Marry me, and I will love you for the rest of my life."