Sweet Pea. Book

novel - Fantasy

Sweet Pea.


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After her life ended tragically in modern day Asia, Mayang woke up in the body of a beautiful princess. “This was god’s divine intervention! I will live powerfully as a ruler, with citizens to rely on me and countries that will love me!” However, not all reincarnations are miracles from god. In Mayang’s case, this was divine punishment. On her first day as queen, they wiped all her citizens out. Choking and bleeding out, she only had one thought. “Fack you, god. Curse you for ruining my life then and now. I made a mistake believing in you. Never again.” Her last breath turned into her first. Again. And again. Escaping into the wastelands, Mayang finally thought it would relieve her duties as a ruler, forgetting all the sins she committed the night before. The anarchy, the pain, their deaths. That was until… “Miss, please help us!” ( here’s music to listen to for the hype parts : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6sDYNoOqSsD4Ob4hEcOhyA?si=5-2l-01rSs-WalswYJsMCQ And here’s music for the sad parts : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3KX2FL4sMaXplpzKF7qkVr?si=r8MUKwO9QS6swA8adSKp2Q )