365 Chapter 364; Did anything happen?

He wasn't the only good surgeon available, the hospital had several leading surgeons who were almost on par with him.

"Okay..." Most of the surgeons, they cared more about money and benefits, and Mo Si'Yehan cared more about principles and lives.

They went back to his office and he got his mobile phone he had left around the private lounge.

He immediately dialed Mu Shen's mobile number and after a ring, it was received, Mu Shen immediately received the call seeing it was Mo Si'Yehan calling, and thought maybe there was some emergency with his sons.

"Hello, Si'Yehan, what's the matter? Did anything happen?" He hurriedly queried as Meili eyed him worriedly, any call from the hospital would make them anxious more so knowing Zi Xuan had just gotten out of the ICU. If possible, Meili didn't want to leave her kids all alone in the wardroom.


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