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Sweet Gangster


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All her life, Dahlia has always stuck by the rules. She grew up in a small town with her sweet parents and had always dreamed of what life outside her small town felt like. This led her to pursue a career in big New York after her college and after landing a job as a nurse at SilverCrest hospital, Dahlia was convinced that her life had fallen perfectly in line. However, being ever the big dreamer, something in her still thirsted for a bigger life - larger than the confines SilverCrest offered. She felt like her life had been too perfectly mapped out that it had lost its appeal of excitement and spontaneity.  In the hospital, she’s reputable for her sweetness and smart mouth. She’s mostly loved by everyone but due to her lack of experience, she’s not assigned to severe patients. She’s tired of the uneventful routine her daily life offers.


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