Sweet CEO's First Love Book

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Sweet CEO's First Love


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What if the most important words you wanted to hear were finally said to you? Will You Marry Me? But what if those words were exactly what made you break? Zhēng Yù has been in love with Ēn Chén for eight years and friends for twenty, but it takes Ēn Chén breaking his heart and humiliating him to realize that sometimes it's best to let go. All his life he loved someone he could never have, and it takes living life every day without him to see he can live without having his heart. But just when he finally feels like he can be happy again and his life is adding up, he never thought that Ēn Chén would show up. Especially not on their tenth anniversary of that horrible day, and certainly not asking to start over. He never knew how much the happiest words in the world could make someone hurt. And Zhēng Yù wasn't sure he could ever say yes to Will you marry me, ever again.


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