Sweet Bite: The Vampire Killer Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Sweet Bite: The Vampire Killer


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“I did not kill her! Please believe me...” I pleaded as I looked at Lucas. “Stop pretending to be innocent! Red Demitri, from now on, you’re my enemy!” Lucas declared before leaving. In the cold cell, I couldn’t do anything but cry. One night, I lost the two most important people in my life... Catherine, my one and only friend, and Lucas- the guy I love. And all of this happened because of the soul eater who killed Catherine! “I promise in the name of my parents! I will find the real murderer! I will prove that I am innocent!” To fulfill my promise, I must overcome the dangers and trials I will face to gain power. In the world of predators (Vampires, Wolves, Witches), you have to be strong to survive. In the center of this scary monster is Red Demitri... The innocent but deadly girl destined to change the world.