Survivor of the Multiverse: starting from dino crisis.

"Join me on my journey through the multiverse, from the nightmares of Raccoon City in Resident Evil to confronting the mutated mitochondria in Parasite Eve, avoiding becoming dinosaur food in Dino Crisis, and navigating the dark corridors of Silent Hill. As you explore a world that is a fusion of horrors, you will need to solve puzzles, confront monstrous creatures, and make decisions that will challenge your moral values. To clarify, I received some assistance from ChatGPT to create this story. It will serve as a means to practice my English, which is at a very basic level, and to improve my grammar. Please bear with me as I continue to learn."

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Chapter 13.5: Dino crisis 2 is coming!

[General POV]

The necklace with the raptor claw was a significant gift. Not only for its intrinsic value, but for the story behind it. Axel knew that this unexpected gift would be a perfect reminder of their unique connection.

With determination in every step, Axel walked out of the hotel where he was staying into the cool night. Taking a rental car he headed for the airport. 

Entering the airport he waited for the next flight to the United States, he had already reserved a front row seat. As he sat waiting for his flight he inspected the location he was supposed to go to.

"In the midwest outside of Edward City"

chuckling at the huge coincidence. 

Edward City lives up to Dr. Edward Kirk's name, it is home to a research center with military facilities. It was a huge coincidence that this was the place where the third energy experiment would take place, resulting in an incident similar to the one on Ibis Island


This city would be wiped off the map a year after the incident on Ibis Island, being sent 3 million years in the future, to the future of the prehistoric era thanks to an accident in time with the third energy, resulting in the beginning of Dino Crisis 2.

In this second part, a rescue team would be sent to save the citizens and, of course, to recover the data of the third energy. 

Who would lead the rescue team would be Lieutenant Dylan Morton who commanded a team of T.R.A.T (Tactical Reconnaissance and Acquisition Team) along with my dear Regina who was sent to the mission due to her experience on Ibis Island.

"I wouldn't want to get involved in the plot, but if they give me good pay I might change my mind." Getting up because he heard the notice that he should board the plane he headed to the plane, arranging his luggage he leaned back in the seat to take a little nap while he arrived to USA.

[Interior, Department of Homeland Security Conference Room].

It had been a few days since Regina and her team had been picked up, after Gail was hospitalized she was asked to prepare a report with everything that was experienced on her mission and was currently on her way to give her report.

Regina walked briskly into the conference room. She found the higher ups anxiously awaiting her report on the mission on Ibis Island.

"Agent Regina, thank you for coming so promptly. We are eager to know the details of what happened on Ibis Island" spoke the head of the security department.

"Good morning, gentlemen. The mission on Ibis Island was intense and revealing. We confirmed our initial suspicions: Dr. Kirk carried out his third energy experiment, causing as a side effect that the island was a hell because it was full of dinosaurs". Regina commented with a stoic face. 

Dinosaurs? That's unheard of. Is there hard evidence to support this claim? One of the figures standing next to the boss spoke up.

"Yes, our team's computer specialist managed to collect a few security videos showing the dinosaur attack, as well as Dr. Kirk's testimony about the side effect of his experiment."

"Were there casualties among your team?" Asked the chief in a neutral tone.

"Unfortunately, yes. Tom the undercover agent was killed by one of these dinosaurs, we were too late and couldn't do anything for him." 

"We understand, you managed to accomplish your mission effectively, you will be given a few days off to rest from the mission, you are dismissed." Said the chief giving a signal to the guards to let Regina leave.

Seeing that there was nothing more to say, Regina turned around and left.


Watching Regina's departure the room was silent for a few moments until the boss spoke with a serious tone, "They managed to capture Kirk, but Gail couldn't get the third energy data and currently Kirk doesn't want to cooperate with us."

"Damn good for nothing, what good is Kirk to us if he won't cooperate, I suggest we kill him" Said one of the top brass. Hearing what he said many of them nodded and continued to give their opinion.

"Yeah, why keep him alive if he won't cooperate?"

"Don't forget Gail, he didn't accomplish his mission and he knows a lot of things, I suggest we kill his team so no one else knows what happened on that island." 

"Enough!" a voice was heard that instantly made the whole room go silent, some of them lowered their heads as if to show their respect to the boss.

"Are they stupid? Kirk just needs an incentive to cooperate. As for Gail, he informed me that there was another person who was with them, it seems that this person was an undercover agent who managed to steal and erase the data of the third energy, in his report he tells us that agent Regina witnessed his death." Noticing that everyone was paying attention to him, he continued.

"That's why by losing the data, we need to incentivize Kirk to start the investigation again, but this time being supervised? Also....."

It was at that precise moment that he was interrupted by the entrance of a man with an air of arrogance followed by many other guards.

Seeing this person, the boss frowned and with a cold voice said "What is the head of the technology department doing here? This is not your department to interrupt an important meeting." 

The person identified as the head of advanced technology just smiled at him and with an arrogant voice showed him a document that made the head of the national security department open his eyes and look at him skeptically. 

"According to Mr. President's orders, the technology department will be in charge of managing the third energy project, we managed to get the third energy data and very kindly Mr. President rewarded us." Giving an arrogant look I looked at everyone present and one by one the president's dictation was presented to them.

Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, the head of national security could only nod and lower his head in defeat.

Nodding with satisfaction the head of the technology department left but not before making one last comment "By the way, Mr. President requested that the city of Edawd City be closed, we don't want spies do we? so I will leave that matter to you."

After the head of technology left the room was silent for a few moments until the head of national security stood up and in a fit of anger slammed the table "Damn it!"


[Regina POV]

Coming out of giving my report I headed to the facility so I could be alone in my room, on my way many agents wanted to talk to me or invite me on an outing it was a normal day in my life, spend turning me down outings or other invitations.

"Come to think of it, I only went out once and that was to find out what, was a Chinese guy doing in our ranks, he was sick in the head, he was always mumbling about a system and when he fought with someone he always said something about lao tsu" 

He disappeared after an infiltration mission in Mexico, not that I was really interested in him.

Arriving at my room, I went inside, took a shower, put on my pajamas since I was planning to laze around today. I went to bed and started to think about everything that happened on the island, the dinosaurs, the tension, the life and death moments against the T-rex and Axel.

As I remembered I got up and went to a special drawer, there was the gun he gave me "I didn't have time to give it back to him." While I was lost in my thoughts looking at the gun a message from my communicator snapped me out of my trance:


Frowning, I suspected it was another stupid Gift from one of the agents, it's been a few times now that I've been sent gifts like this, I was planning to leave it at the front desk, but something inside me told me to go.

Shrugging my shoulders I went to the reception, when I arrived I approached the person in charge of the inspection who had the function of inspecting that there were no anomalies in the packages that arrived to the facilities. 

When he looked at me he greeted me and said "The package that arrived has already been inspected by the machine, you can pick it up Miss Regina, it is on shelf B3".

Nodding to the guy in thanks, I head to the shelf, looking for my name on the packages I finally find it. It was a small box where I could easily fit a necklace or a ring.

"Ugh another necklace or ring for sure"

Opening it I froze and with a strange look I pulled out what was inside, it was a simple necklace with a raptor claw, on it was a note.

As I read it my heart and breathing accelerated, for the note said; 'The claw is a witness of the unique connection we have'.


With a lot of doubts I approached the package delivery man and asked him "Excuse me, do you know what the person who delivered the package looked like?"

"Oh yes Miss, he was a Latino looking guy, he told me that if you came to ask for him to remind you that he owes you a dinner and he left this cell phone number XXXXXXXX" Nodding towards the parcel clerk I returned to my room with a small smile as I put on my necklace.

I felt an indescribable relief as I lay down on my bed, the softness of the sheets caressed my skin, and the stillness of the room enveloped my thoughts "I guess I should go shopping for a dress for dinner" Gently hugging the necklace.

"They say that when you're in a life or death situation and you find a person who is compatible with you, your relationship moves forward quickly." I thought it was stupid just something you saw in books, but now I realize that's not the case.

How compatible he was with Axel in that situation we experienced on the island, yes, we had our difference at the end of the trip, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it sparked a new feeling in me.

"Yes, I guess it's not a bad feeling" I murmur and then fall asleep because of the huge relief I felt knowing that my dear Axel was alive.

[Axel POV]

Arriving in the USA I took a car that had left me outside the airport, after a few hours I arrived at the outskirts of Edward City, Entering the meeting point I met a well dressed businessman, whose name is Alexander Gimaul and was my contractor.

Looking at me he gave me a huge smile and then shook my hand and began to speak "Ah, it's good to see you again Mr. Axel."

I nodded earnestly, replying, "Yes, let's stop beating around the bush, shall we? I have here what you want." With a careful gesture, I opened the meticulously secured briefcase, revealing its contents.

Inside the briefcase, there was a tightly secured USB flash drive. Looking at the flash drive, Alexander flashed a look of greed. Nodding towards me I received a transfer of millions of dollars.

With a smile I handed him the briefcase "It was a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Alexander" and then disappeared into the darkness of the early morning.

After taking the car, I headed towards the city of Washin. Not knowing where S.O.R.T.'s facilities were located, I decided to ask one of my contacts for a favor.

4:00 am- Nevercry: "Hey lazybones, I need your help to find out where the SORT facility is located."

4:10 am- King_bear: "What a bummer, it's barely 4 am."

4:11 am- Nevercry: "Just tell me the location and I'll stop bothering you."

4:30 am- King_bear: "At the national defense forces facility, I've already created an ID for you. Now let me sleep and don't forget the payment."

4:35 am- Nevercry: "Transfer of 1 million."

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, having one of the best hackers as a contact is a very valuable thing. With everything done, I headed into town to buy a box where I can give her my special gift for Regina.

"Now I need a facility where I can manufacture better weaponry in case I have to participate in the plot of dino crisis 2."


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