109 First time? (R18)

As Sara's lips met Richard's in a swift, unexpected kiss, a surge of warmth rushed through him. His heart raced, and a mix of surprise and delight filled his eyes. At that moment, every thought in his mind paused, giving way to the intensity of the kiss.

Gently, he placed his hands on Sara's shoulders, easing her back just a fraction to catch his breath and take in the moment. His eyes searched hers, wide with astonishment and a glimmer of something more. 

"Sara?" he whispered, his voice filled with wonder and a hint of curiosity.

Sara's eyes, shimmering with vulnerability, met him as she took a small step back. She bit her lower lip, seemingly uncertain about her bold move.

"I…I'm sorry, I just…" she started, her voice soft and filled with a mix of emotions.


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