Surviving the Apocalypse With My Three SSS Rank Wives

[WPC OCT&NOV 2023 [Fantasy] Entry!] Show love and support with Power Stones and by adding to your collection!!! In the year 3003, mysterious portals suddenly appeared all across Earth, unleashing devastating beasts and mystical monsters from another dimension, creating the first extinction level event in the history of mankind. In response to the appearance of the portals, humans were bestowed magical powers to combat the emerging threat. Our hero, Samael, was one of the unfortunate few who received an F-Rank ability and was deemed near-useless in the eyes of the real heroes and was forced to become a porter, a slave to the hunters required to collect the rewards dropped by the monsters. After an unfortunate demise at the hands of the three most powerful heroines, he finds himself waking up on the morning of his awakening, receiving a new powerful ability. Determined to change the outcome of his life and get his revenge, he plots to become the strongest Hunter. Chapters are posted daily 5 minutes after reset. Release rate will increase to 2 daily effective 12/01/2023. Vote for Bonus Chapters each week! Power Stones: 100 PS: 1 Bonus Chapter 250 PS: 3 Bonus Chapters 500 PS: 7 Bonus Chapters

One_Winged_Angel · Fantasy
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(XIV) Chase

The ice shattered, revealing a similarly curved sword; an intravenous vein of glowing blue energy ran another length of the blade into the pommel made of shimmering silver. 

Bright blue leather wrapped the hilt before the pommel of a large sapphire formed, with a crescent moon glowing within. Samael sighed as he stood up, picking up the Blade of the Rising Sun in his free hand and returning both swords to their scabbards. 

He turned around with a smile, watching Kaitlyn and Nathan as they around as they picked up the Beast Cores. He raised his head, staring at the brilliant full moon hanging high in the night skies above him, lost in thought.


Jijo held her breath, kneeling next to the ledge of the rooftop as she stared down at the battle below. The thug boss, with the metallic baseball bat, swung it violently as Ichiko parried each of the attacks. 

Every attempt she made to advance was met with another erratic swing, requiring her to block or retreat to avoid being hit. Two of the remaining thugs leaped out from behind the young woman, wrapping her arms and restraining her. 

"Fucking finally!!!" The boss shouted, panting heavily as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with his palm, slicking his hair back, licking his lips as the young woman kicked and struggled. 

"You..." He panted, raising the baseball bat, pointing at Ichiko, laughing menacingly, "You... You almost had me there!" 

"NOOO!!!!" Jijo shouted above, leaning forward from the edge, "Let her go!!!" 

"You shut your mouth!!!" The boss turned, raising the baseball bat at the little girl as he yelled, "You'll be next, don't you worry!" 

"Get out of here! Just run! Forget about me!!" Ichiko screamed, gritting her teeth and glaring at the boss as she struggled against the two older men restraining her. 

"Oh, baby girl..." The man chuckled as he approached, licking his fingertips and wiping his eyebrows, "You might fight now, but don't you worry! After a couple nights in my bed, your tune will change..." 

He sauntered over, sliding his hand along her cheek as she recoiled, pulling away before the thug boss slid his hand around her neck, gripping her hair, pulling her head back, and forcing her to face him, "...I guarantee it!"

"I'll never warm your bed!" She hissed before spitting on his face. 

The man's grin quickly changed as he snarled at her, backhanding her, one of his many rings cutting her lip open. He stepped away, turning as he looked back at her. 

He used his thumb to wipe the saliva off his cheek before sucking on it, laughing as he approached once more, growling at her, "Keep that up, and I promise you'll live to regret it!" 

"You see-" He started to explain, but his eyes widened in horror as Ichiko pulled a dagger from within her kimono, stabbing one man in the wrist, freeing herself. 

In a flash, she spun around the other man, slitting his throat as he clutched at the wound in horror, and then jammed the blade into the wounded man, ending both of their lives. 

She slid to her knees, spinning as she picked up her uchigatana, turning to face the thug boss only to see him rounding a corner as he fled. 

"Tch!" She clicked her tongue, turning to her sister, "Stay there and don't move!!" 

Jijo nodded as she watched her older sister chasing after the man. 


A young blonde woman knelt in the ruins of a building, crying uncontrollably as she held the hands of her deceased parents. She had not moved a muscle for hours, and the tears seemed to never end. 

Her mind continued to replay the horrors of the Dungeon appearing and skeletons coming through them, slaughtering everyone and destroying everything in their path. 

Her parents had hidden her in the secret crawlspace underneath their storefront, but there wasn't enough space for all three of them to hide. She had cowered and did nothing as she watched her parents be slaughtered. 

She turned her head, watching the nearby portal pulsate before it changed colors and a humongous man exited. Recalling him as the one who killed all the monsters. 

She wiped her tears, sniffling as she tried to stand, but her legs wouldn't follow her instructions, paresthesia having set in, falling to her knees.

"Hey..." She called out, but her voice was strained, and the words hardly traveled past her lips. She crawled through the rubble, reaching out, but the tears started flowing once more as she watched him disappear, leaping away like a superhero. 

Her mind raced as she lay on the ground, staring at the portal through teary eyes. Suddenly, dread filled her body as she feared the monsters might return due to the absence of the enormous man. 

She struggled to rise to her feet but collapsed again, sobbing hysterically as she started punching her legs, ordering them to follow her orders. She started crawling on her hands and knees. 

Her tattered dress offered no protection for her knees and her shins as she started to bleed from the debris as she made her way out of the destroyed store. 

She used the nearby wall to assist in standing, leaning against it as her legs felt like they were being stabbed with pins and needles. She tilted her head back, banging it against the wall as she stared at the portal. 

She looked around at the devastation surrounding her, causing her heart to start racing again. She held her hand against her chest, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as the soft hum of the portal soothed her. 

Suddenly, the portal pulsated again as two young kids carrying backpacks exited the Dungeon. She stared incredulously as she called out to them with a raspy voice. 

"H-h-hey!!" She reached her hand out, stumbling forward as she caught herself, regaining her balance, causing Kaitlyn to jump in front of her brother, staring at the woman angrily. 

"Don't come any closer!" The sister ordered, "We don't want to hurt you!" 

"H... huh!?" The girl exclaimed, stepping backward and falling against the wall, sliding down to a sitting position. 

"You idiot!!" Nathan shouted, smacking the back of his sister's head, "Stop being rude!"

"Ow!!!" Kaitlyn exclaimed, grabbing the back of her head, "Why'd you do that??" 

Nathan ran over to the girl as she flinched and covered her head, cowering, "Don't kill me!! I'm sorry!!" 

"It's okay..." The young brother replied, kneeling beside her, "We're not going to hurt you, my sister is just an idiot!" 

"Hey!" She exclaimed, "How rude!" 

"Are you just gonna stand there or are you going to come over and help her??" Nathan turned around, glaring at his sister. 

"Oh!" Kaitlyn jumped before running over, kneeling next to the blonde woman and holding out her hands as a warm light washed over her. 

"Wh-who are you kids..?" The girl asked, looking between the twins. 

"I'm Nathan, and that's my sister, Kaitlyn!" The boy answered, "But you just call us Kate and Nate!" 

"Thank you for your help..." She said, looking between the two, offering a small smile, "Did you two come from that portal..?" 

"No, we were forced to go in by some big guy, but he wasn't too bad..." Kate answered as she finished healing the girl. 

"Cami..?" A loud voice came from behind the twins as the blonde woman looked up.