Surviving the Apocalypse With My Three SSS Rank Wives

[WPC OCT&NOV 2023 [Fantasy] Entry!] Show love and support with Power Stones and by adding to your collection!!! In the year 3003, mysterious portals suddenly appeared all across Earth, unleashing devastating beasts and mystical monsters from another dimension, creating the first extinction level event in the history of mankind. In response to the appearance of the portals, humans were bestowed magical powers to combat the emerging threat. Our hero, Samael, was one of the unfortunate few who received an F-Rank ability and was deemed near-useless in the eyes of the real heroes and was forced to become a porter, a slave to the hunters required to collect the rewards dropped by the monsters. After an unfortunate demise at the hands of the three most powerful heroines, he finds himself waking up on the morning of his awakening, receiving a new powerful ability. Determined to change the outcome of his life and get his revenge, he plots to become the strongest Hunter. Chapters are posted daily 5 minutes after reset. Release rate will increase to 2 daily effective 12/01/2023. Vote for Bonus Chapters each week! Power Stones: 100 PS: 1 Bonus Chapter 250 PS: 3 Bonus Chapters 500 PS: 7 Bonus Chapters

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(X) Evolution

Samael felt the similar sensation and rush of being pulled in by the portal, time distorting around him as Vitani entered the Dungeon, landing with a resounding thud and suddenly dropping the three. 

The massive man stepped over them as he looked around the dark and eerie place they found themselves in. The Dungeon was a large, open space suspended in perpetual darkness with an obscured full moon hanging high in the night sky. 

Dead trees scattered the expansive graveyard before them. A massive wrought iron gate barred their entrance with an equally large brick and twisted black iron fence wrapping around the Dungeon. 

Maosleums and Crypts filled the emptiness behind the gate with a humongous temple in the back of the graveyard. Samael stood up as he stepped forward, his eyes bewildered at the sight before him. 

"What the..." He muttered, looking around at the space he found himself in, having never seen this Dungeon before despite having entered every Dungeon in the region. 

"Yeah..." Vitani replied with a grin, placing his fists on his hips, "The first time I saw a dungeon was quite the spectacle." 

"This..." Sam sputtered as the twins came up behind him and grabbed his hands, "This is different..." 

"Oh!" The burly man exclaimed, "You've been in dungeons before? Well, that makes this a lot easier then!"

"Is something wrong with the dungeon?" Samael asked, approaching the gate and pressing his hand against it, opening it slowly as the metal creaked loudly. 

"Yes and no." Vitani explained, placing his hand on Sam's shoulder and stepping in front of him as he entered the Dungeon proper, "You see, dungeons are a living thing, so when faced against an insurmountable power, they will morph into something stronger."

"What?!?" The young man exclaimed, his eyes widening in shock and his jaw dropping. His mind started racing once again, having never heard of this development in his past life. 

"Yeah, it's extremely common." He nodded, turning back, raising his eyebrows, "Did you clear one of the other dungeons?" 

'Shit!' Sam thought before nodding, "Yeah... A goblin one." 

"Oho!" Vitani laughed, "You best be careful. Shami will not be pleased to learn of that!" 

"Shami?" He asked, "Is that another Zodiac?" 

"You know a lot..." His gaze became stern as he stepped forward, "Are you sure you're not a rookie?"

"Uh..." Sam stuttered as he stared up at the mountain of a man, "It was just a guess based on your Ability!" 

"Really now?" Vitani said, taking another step, a menacing aura bursting out of him, causing the twins to collapse to the ground, cowering in fear as they covered their heads with their arms. 

His eyes turned a bright orange as flames started to dance from the corner of his eyes, "You're not lying to me, are you, boy?"

"N-n-n-no!" Sam exclaimed, stumbling backward as he stared up with a mix of awe and fear, shuffling back. 

Vitani remained stoic and silent as he glared down at the young man before he turned around, rearing his arm back and unleashing a deafening punch in a singular motion. 

The force of the punch knocked the wrought iron gate off its hinges, sending it flying through the air, tumbling against the dirt, and crashing into the temple with a massive explosion. 

He turned his head, glancing over his shoulder, commanding in a domineering tone, "Get up. It's about to begin."

Samael quickly scurried over to the twins, grabbing their hands and standing as he pulled them behind him, a series of windows appearing in front of his face. 

╔══Due to the overwhelming power of the Virtue of Pride, the Dungeon has evolved into a Greater Dungeon. Survive and do not fall behind, and you shall be rewarded.══╝

╔══Challenge: Never let the Virtue of Pride out of your sight.══╝

╔══Reward: Midnight Cloak══╝

╔══Failure: Unknown Penalty══╝

╔══You have offended the Virtue of Pride. In order to regain your position within his eyes, you must show unwavering courage and combat prowess to receive his respect.══╝

╔══Challenge: Kill 0/50 Skeleton Soldiers, Kill 0/25 Skeleton Knights, Kill 0/10 Spectral Wizards══╝

╔══Reward: Blade of the Rising Sun══╝

╔══Failure: Death══╝

╔══The Virtue of Pride has never lost a race. There's always a first for everything! Be the one to land the killing blow on the Grand Lich.══╝

╔══Challenge: Kill the Grand Lich: 0/1══╝

╔══Reward: Sword of the Setting Moon══╝

╔══Failure: Death══╝

'Shit!' Samael exclaimed inwardly as he stared at the quests and rewards before him; he couldn't believe what was before him, 'I should have never went looking for the Zodiacs!'

'How am I supposed to accomplish any of this?!?' He cried inwardly, 'I can't die here! Who the hell are these virtues really?!?'

Nathan approached from behind him, grabbing his hand and smiling up at him. He turned and looked at Kaitlyn, who stood a few steps away but approached her twin and stuck her tongue up at him. 

Sam chuckled, smirking as he rolled his eyes before ruffling the twin's hair, much to their own protest, bringing his thoughts to his mother. Resolve welled up inside him as he started formulating a plan. 

"Hey!" He shouted, turning to Vitani, who stopped and looked over his shoulder, "Can you hold up?"

"Why?" He asked menacingly, his hair flowing around him. 

"Well, you want a good challenge, don't ya?" Samael smirked, "I want to give you one..." 

Vitani turned and faced the Dungeon as he dismissed his aura; his eyes stopped glowing with an orange flame, and his hair stopped floating through the air, pointing ahead, "You have until they arrive..." 

'More than enough time!' He thought, sitting in a lotus position and pulling one of the backpacks into his lap. 


The group of thugs lunged toward Ichiko as she pushed Jijo to the ground and spun in a circle in a fluid motion, halting their aggressors' advance. The next moment, she scooped her sister into her arms, slinging her over her shoulder. 

She landed atop a nearby building, carefully placing her sister down before her leg was snared by a long chain, and her footing was violently ripped out from underneath her. 

She caught herself on the ledge, Jijo screaming as she reached out to help pull her sister up, but Ichiko shook her head, shrieking, "Hide!!"

The young woman lost her grip and was slammed into the ground as she coughed blood; she felt her vision blurring as she stared at her crying sister atop the building. 

Ichiko gritted her teeth, snapping back as she quickly spun, severing one of the thug's legs as she jumped to her feet, jamming her katana into the chainlinks and twisting it around her blade, jerking it as she pulled the man holding it toward her and clotheslining him. 

She yanked the chain out of his hand before spinning her blade around, jamming into the fallen man's chest, twisting it as she glared at the remaining men. 

She unraveled the chain from her katana, attaching it to the loop at the base of the hilt. She gritted her teeth, glaring as the men hesitantly surrounded her. 

"What are you waiting for?!?" The boss yelled, "Get her!!!"

Three men lunged forward as Ichiko spun, twisting her blade as she disarmed one man, slinging the chain around another man's neck, jerking him onto his back and unraveling the chain, deflecting the rapid knife jabs before wrapping the blade with the chain and yanking it out of his hand. 

She rapidly spun, swinging her katana, decapitating another man, and yelling animalistically at the dwindling group of thugs.