Surviving the Apocalypse With My Three SSS Rank Wives

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What is Surviving the Apocalypse With My Three SSS Rank Wives

Read ‘Surviving the Apocalypse With My Three SSS Rank Wives’ Online for Free, written by the author One_Winged_Angel, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering R18 Fiction, SYSTEM Light Novel, MAGIC Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [WPC OCT&NOV 2023 [Fantasy] Entry!] Show love and support with Power Stones and by adding to your collection!!!In the ye...


[WPC OCT&NOV 2023 [Fantasy] Entry!] Show love and support with Power Stones and by adding to your collection!!! In the year 3003, mysterious portals suddenly appeared all across Earth, unleashing devastating beasts and mystical monsters from another dimension, creating the first extinction level event in the history of mankind. In response to the appearance of the portals, humans were bestowed magical powers to combat the emerging threat. Our hero, Samael, was one of the unfortunate few who received an F-Rank ability and was deemed near-useless in the eyes of the real heroes and was forced to become a porter, a slave to the hunters required to collect the rewards dropped by the monsters. After an unfortunate demise at the hands of the three most powerful heroines, he finds himself waking up on the morning of his awakening, receiving a new powerful ability. Determined to change the outcome of his life and get his revenge, he plots to become the strongest Hunter. Chapters are posted daily 5 minutes after reset. Release rate will increase to 2 daily effective 12/01/2023. Vote for Bonus Chapters each week! Power Stones: 100 PS: 1 Bonus Chapter 250 PS: 3 Bonus Chapters 500 PS: 7 Bonus Chapters

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I didn’t know how someone would pull off three wives in an apocalypse setting, but the author surely is doing the gods work out here. Starting off, it’s entertaining and humorous. It pulled me in with the MC getting in trouble for being indecent. But the more I was reading, I liked how the author appropriately added the backstory of why things are the way they are without info dumping. The plot idea is refreshing and unique. I’ve read other books with portal openings, but the zodiac thing has to be my favorite as a lover of astrology and astronomy. The pace is not over detailed, every character is three dimensional and have their own distinct personality. And most of all, the action is bad àss and immersive. I adored how even in moments where’s it’s just dialogue is intriguing. I also love the wholesomeness the MC has with his mother. Definitely will add to library and keep reading! Keep up the excellent work.


Having caught up with the latest chapters, I can confidently say that this novel offers excellent writing quality. The author has a fine grasp of the English language which makes his writing neither repetitive nor boring. The storyline itself captivates us from the start, making us connect and sympathize with the main character.We root for and cheer him on his quest for revenge, and it's sweet to see the drama unfolding. While the world background may appear confusing at first, rest assured that the author has a clear vision for his story that gradually unfolds. The characters are unique, each possessing a distinct voice. You will both hate and then slightly like some characters which clearly shows the author's skill in creating conflicting yet compelling characters. Overall, I personally liked the story and am waiting for future updates. Worship the author-sama!


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These three wives truly know the art of how to play with Balls. I suggest you give it a read, and see just how could they are with their ball playing skills.


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I don't know how is this writing get 5 stars. It hard to read, to many blank in the story. The characters just jump in the plot unnaturally. Not so smart mc with childlike mindset just happened to get powerful Ability.


This story is for you, if you like an abnormal stupid mc. 😊😊 And I Also think he will take his revenge in a very stupid. like in the future mc might be marrying the girl who killed him by buring his "D" and treated him like a slave for 10 years.


What can I say, from all the books I have read recently this shines brightly. I expect great things from this book. Author you've thought up a gem! Keep on writing and don't ever stop. I will read this book until it's end.


Authors, are you going to drop this book like your previous books? [img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted][img=disgusted]


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10/10 all round. Grammar is perfect, story line while just few chapters already looks intriguing. of course the only thing i suggest which you obviously don't have to listen to is about how you skip all the xxx scenes. Of course the book is still nice without it but think of it like the cherry on the pie.


Great story, quality, development, update stability is all top tier. World back has been nicely set and character designs are unique. I'll give it a 5/5. Keep it up and it'll definitely be big!


hmm, after seeing the title I thought it would be like those Chinese novels, where the ML whatever he does, girls line for him but the story is really good. starting off it is entertaining, the writing quality and word usage are really good, and the updates of chapters are stable which is really good, The world background and character designs are made very clear with dialogues that have a feeling of realism, overall it is a good read and I will give it a 4.8 out of 5.0, keep up author.


Writing Quality: 5/5 It's consistent so far, with vivid descriptions regarding each of the characters and their actions as well. The fight scene was done well. Stability of Updates: 5/5 Given the time of this review, the author has been updating consistently, so it will drop if time passed by and the author suddenly stopped updating or went into hiatus mode. Story Development: 4.5/5 Instantly, I can get a sense of deja vu that the world is overrun by monsters within these portals and humans emerged with special power that could fight back. And as for the MC, he's your naturally untalented man working as a porter until the second chance happening. Character Design: 4.6/5 The three women might have description of them early on, but since it's early, they aren't that known to us readers much, but so far, it's looking good. We can see the MC being a somewhat typical male as well. And there were parts that are somewhat illogical and confusing. World Background: 4.7/5 If you have read the dungeon-hunter type of novel, you can understand the world pretty much based on the first chapter. If not, it was still enough for you to grasp a basic understandings of the world structure. Overall: 4.7/5 Not bad, and I can see the potential of this story with how the story would change with the MC nullifying his porter status and making those three women his wives. TLDR: Give it a try and if it's not your type of book, feel free to check out "Rebirth of the Death Knight" instead. This review was written on October 23, 2023, by a robot cat, Doraemon.


As per usual with OWAs novels, the quality is present. The grammar is perfect, the world is well described as he progresses, and the characters don't feel robotic or plastic. Where I was a bit more taken aback is the similarity with Solo Leveling. It's uncanny in the first few chaps. But this still has plenty of time to become a very unique story and take the charts by storm.


Feels like reading an anime for each scene the writer made. It was so good ah my brain is excited that it might explode owo. it's like eating your plate of pizza rolls and when you get to the last update. you run out of pizza rolls but you know the next time you go to the store you can make more pizza rolls.


Although the dialogue was a little cringe at times, the development and writing quality is super, I liked how the author progressed the plot. Has some ups and downs but a win in my eyes. Would, definitively recommend.


So only one talk with hand was enough to send him in the past. Boy be cautious whenever you have a deep talk with yourself and whenever you are alone, close your door tightly. Don't let anyone disturb your quality time.


The start is already looking promising. I have only read four chapters but the writing is really sublime and hooks you in. Will be reading more whenever I get the chance!


It sucks that this book didnt continue!!! I actually liked this book!!! From what I read It had potential to be really really good and exciting!!! I was hoping it was going to become a big book and that it would have lasted awhile but I guess not!! It was just another let down!!


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