Surviving in Woman's world as a novel villain.

A 20-years old boy transmigrated into the female-dominated novel world, But not as a protagonist nor as the main villain.  He transmigrated as the green tea boyfriend of the main female CEO heroine and will become the first target of the protagonist of this novel. Alex was scared for his life. In the novel, it's impossible to defeat the son of luck. When he was helpless, the golden finger exclusive for travelers came. [Ding! The Female Raider System is being loaded.] Alex was excited thinking that he doesn't need to go close to a high cold female CEO but the system tells him different things. [Ding! As long as the host raids the heroines and increases their affection, the Host will receive heaven-defying rewards.] So his journey as green tea/White lotus raiding began.  Ohh here is Discord Server Link : https://discord.com/invite/bCgvFWC3Ka (Photo is his, not mine. If the owner doesn't want it, I can remove it.)

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8. Protagonist Appears

"I know the person inside, Let me go in or once I made a call, You will regret it."

These were the words that fell on Alex's ears. Hearing this self-righteous and arrogant tone there is only one word that appeared in his mind.


This is the only species that can feel the world is against them when others are just politely reminding them of the rule.

After all rules and protagonists do not sit well together, If there is a rule the protagonist feels like he must free people from their tyranny. 

After rules are meant to oppress the weak, Don't they? At least for the protagonist, it's like that.

"Why do you keep asking for the visiting pass? I said I know the person inside, Only I cure them, If you stop me further then be prepared to face the consequences."

Words again came and in the same self-righteous and arrogant tone but this time the voice was a few points higher.

Alex pretty much guessed who this person was but just to make sure he walked out of ward 3-B and came to take a sneak peek at the person.

'Good guy, What is with this dressing, Are you sure you do not come here to beg?' 

Alex was startled to see the dress of this protagonist. He can only describe him in the one world, Ruffian.

He saw the man arguing with guard, That man was wearing a clothes which were washed till it was yellow and white, There are patches everywhere on the clothes, and hairs of that man look like it has not been washed for a few days, There are even a few pieces of dry leaves in them, Also there is a dry dirt covered most of his face. 

Although by an outline of that face, He should be a handsome man but with this kinda appearance, He was not looking more than a beggar.

'Protagonist really knows how to pretend, Right?'

Alex couldn't help but think about it. After all, he had a novel plot in his mind, So he knows that this protagonist is not broken and penniless but a Shenhao.

He has a very good family background and can be considered a second-rich generation. His family is one of the top 3 families in Berlin and stands with the Miller family, Although a little weaker than the Millers when it comes to money but they are equal when power and rights are mentioned.

There are lots of members working as officials in high positions, There are still many companies and sub-companies under them, If you just consider a cash flow that too is in the billions.

And the protagonist is the 2nd contender for the heir position of a family like this, So it's a reasonable appearance for him.

Yeah, it's a reasonable appearance for the protagonist. If not, how can he get a chance to slap the villain? 

Yes, anyone who hinders the protagonist's action is a villain even if that person was just doing their job. If they want to blame, Blame their luck as they encounter the protagonist.

'System show me his stats.'

Alex is a very cautious person, Although all the plot was in his mind but it was written in novel format, and this is the real world, Of course, It's unreasonable to think that novel mentions every little detail.

Not to mention the protagonist of this novel is very unreasonable.

[Ding! The target details are like the following...

Name : Nathan Gayler 

Status : Awaken (Auxiliary Class)

Rank : F Class 

Strength : F Rank

Agility : F Rank

Charm : 132

Luck : 10,420 (Protagonist)

Skills :

Cooking (LV 4), Medicine (LV 4), Acting (LV 5), Martial Arts (LV 4)

Talent : 

Medicine Prodigy (Yet to be open) : This talent will make the possessor a existence in the field of medicine, The possessor will have all the knowledge of each and every medicinal material on the mortal ranks.

This talent will also increase the learning speed of every medicine related skill.

(Note : Beware of eating anything around this talent possessor, As they can use their knowledge of medicine as a hidden knife to kill.)

This talent will be unlocked as soon as the protagonist cures Madam Miller.)

Superpower : Little Healer (S-Rank) 

Little Healer : This superpower can heal pretty much all awakens injures, It can also cure all n 

Non-Awakens diseases. 

Passive Halo: 

Peach blossom : Able to have encounters with beautiful women.

Halo Of Wisdom : Make his opponent drop their 50% IQ (For women it's 50% easy to gain their favor).

Sex bound : Having sex with him increase woman's favorability towards him.

Favorability : -20 (Disgust) 

Summary : This is a protagonist from a master going down from the mountains and a hidden gold master protagonist's mixture.]

'Fuck!!! The plot is really advancing ahead of its time.'

Alex had a little premonition in his heart about this but when he saw it he couldn't help but curse.

There was indeed a plot for curing Madam Miller in the novel but that was after chapter 20, After he got in touch with Alia Miller. 

She was the one who introduced Nathen to her mother after finding out he had a healing superpower, And he as a villain should be slapped by him a few times.

But now he appeared here. Looking at his appearance he should have been just coming down from the mountain. This means it should be chapter one plot as he didn't care about his appearance in the mountains.

There should also be a small plot for it, Which is that one heroine takes pity on him and offers money and water. Nathan too, seeing it was a beautiful woman, took it and first washed his face.

But as in the usual plot, the Heroine is stunned seeing his handsome face and falls in love. Yes, It was that easy to fall in love with the protagonist, After all the dog author had given that heroine a characteristic such as a face control.

She can't resist the temptation of beautiful faces, Of course, the standards to trigger that were very high with At least 32 charms, Any lower than that she will not even gonna take a second look.

Which Protagonist is barely able to make it and to his surprise reveals directly conquered the nympho heroine.

'Why are his stats so broken?'

After calming down from the shock of the change in the plot, He saw the protagonist's broken stats. 

The Halo function is a new thing he has seen but that's not what was important. 

Those three halos are too broken, No wonder those heroines were coming like falling from the sky towards the protagonist. It was all because of this broken Halo.

"Sir, It's a VIP section, No one can enter without the visiting pass, That's a rule. If you know the person inside then please go down the stairs. After checking your identity and relation with the patient, They will give you a visiting pass. After that, you are free to go inside, If not I have to call security."

A Guard at the door politely tells Nathan. She was working in this hospital for years but she never encountered someone like the person in front of her.

If not for her training and experience, She long before stopped being polite and asked security to escort her outside of the hospital but now her patience is getting thin.

"Why should I? I don't have that time to waste, Let me go inside."

Nathen said arrogantly but he panicked in his heart. He does know Madam Miller, The head of the Miller family but that is just because he met her at the banquet.

He was at that time 5 years old. After that, he was sent for training in the mountains with his master. Later on, he became awakened and gain the superpower of a little healer.

So if he really goes to get a visiting pass, He will never be able to get it. They only have a superficial understanding of each other. If was somewhere else he might be able to get into this personal ward using his family connections but the problem is that this whole hospital belonged to the Miller family.

Because of that, He only had a choice to force himself inside. As for consequences after that? He didn't care because he should have long been healed, Madam Miller. That time he only received a reward and praise.

The support of the Miller family is what he needed to for to win the position of an heir from his sister. As for go and explain about you power to the Miller family? Sorry, explanation is not the kind of thing the protagonist should do.

Nathen started to prepare himself to rush inside the room.

Alex here sees everything happening in front of him. To be honest, He really didn't want to have any connection with the protagonist. He just wants to live his life but unfortunately, he is a villain, Who will be targeted by the protagonist no matter what. Don't you see, They haven't yet met, and Nathen's favorability is for him is -20. A level of mild disgust.

'How to stop him?'

The gear in his head started to spin, He wants a foolproof plan to counter the protagonist if not he will be slapped in the face by him.

[Ding! Word choice is detected...

The selection function is triggered...

Please one of the following options...

• [1] Go and help the guard to fight off with the protagonist.

Reward : Tough skin like iron, Good for to receiving the beating.

• [2] Go there and destroy the protagonist's plot of face slapping.

Reward : Destry the Halo of Wisdom of the protagonist.

• [3] Offer to be the dog leg of the protagonist 

Reward : Family will be destroyed and die miserably by his hidden knife, -50 favorability of all heroines.]

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