6 6. First Raider Traget

'Just hope, This plot didn't have any anomaly because of my presence.'

Alex said this in his mind as he parked the car in the parking lot of the hospital. After that he got out of the electric car, Which was given to him by Alia. 

Have to say it's not that bad to eat soft rice. Anytime you have a problem, Your president's girlfriend will take care of it with just one call.

'She might get the news of me accepting the money by now.'

He suddenly thought of the high cold figure. Even if it was just a blurred memory, He had to admit, He had never seen a beautiful woman like that. 

But he who knows the plot wanted to stay away from this woman as far as he can, Became heHe know how perverted her personality is, She can do anything to be in control, Not to mention how possessive her personality is, Even if she doesn't want it others can't have it, She rather destroy it then share with other.

If not for the system remainder, That protagonist will target him no matter what. He had long since left this city to be away from her. He didn't even plan on raiding her at that time.

'Grace should be desperate at this time, It's the right time to strike.'

Alex shakes his head to throw out this thought and focuses on the current objective.

According to the plot, Grace should right now start to doubt him, and now if he gives her a helping hand in need, she will not only be grateful to him but also her guilt of doubting him will double her affection for him.

After all, People care more about receiving charcoal in the snow than icing on the cake. So he had to give her money before the protagonist appear

"Hello miss, Can you please tell me, In which ward the patient named Gloria Smit is admitted?"

After entering the hospital, He realized he didn't know which ward Gloria, Grace's mother, was admitted to, So he had to go and enquire about it in the enquiry section.

"How Handsome...Woah!! I-I am so sorry, I just blurted out nonsense, Sir please ignore that, Th-That Gloria Smith is in ward number 3-B on the third floor."

The recipients seated there couldn't help but blurted out these words after she saw Alex. Even if he was wearing the mask, It couldn't able to hide his charm at all. That mask is as futile, hiding the sun with one's hand.

But then after realizing, What she said, She panicked. This day and age are different from the past. In the country, there were lots of new laws passed for the protection of mens. 

Her saying this can be misunderstood as harassment, Which is a crime punishable by law. 

"Thank you, Miss, both for compliments and giving me directions."

Alex on the other hand didn't think like her, He who had not gotten used to this world yet, Was quite overwhelmed by her compliment. He couldn't even remember the last time someone complimented him.

So he wholeheartedly thanked her and went towards the elevator not realizing how much his simple words affected the poor recipients.

She stood there dumbfounded . She thought there would be ridicule, Insult, or complaint waiting for her but to her disbelief, He thanked her. She can feel genuine surprise and gratitude.

'How come there is this pure boy in this world?'

Recipients just stared blankly at the fading back of Alex until he completely went out of her sight. Even then her eyes were unwilling to leave that place, Where he disappeared. That enchanting voice and words keep ringing in her mind.

[Ding! Hosts gain the affection of the opposite sex.

30 raider values are received..]

When Alex entered the elevator, The system voice rang in his head.

He was not surprised to get this notification as he already received it multiple times since he got out of the house. 

It turns out that he can receive raider value from every opposite sex as long as he gains their little affection, and with his looks, it's not hard to receive initial affection. So he accumulated close to hundreds of raider points until now.

What surprised him was the value he received now. Before it was just 1 or 2 at max there were 5 raider points but now all of a sudden he received 30 raider points.

'I have to study this function further.'

This anomaly gains his attention. If he finds out what triggered him to receive that many raider points, He can exploit it and after that buy some life-saving whole cards. That way he can calm down the worry in his heart.

After all, the protagonist is the protagonist for a reason; With his luck might encounter some opportunity earlier than then they destined to counter his existence.


In their thinking, He already reached the 3rd floor and the door of the elevator opened.

Alex came out of the elevator and turned left in the direction of 3-B hall.


"Can you please lend me 5000 UC? I will give you back as soon as I can- Hello? Hello? Damn it!!!"

Grace wasn't able to put her blind fate in Alex like before, Seed of doubt had already taken root in her heart, So she started to see if she could arrange 5000 UC from somewhere else.

But sadly she has already taken money from everyone who would be willing to lend her. She even mortgaged herhouse and sold most of the things leaving only essentials. That's how she was able to come up with 95,000 UC. 

So right now there is no way to get an additional 5000 UC. She can't even raise a single penny more. This is her limit. A mere 95,000 UC is all her life's worth.

"I-I am so-sorry mother, Your daughter is useless *Sob* can't even arrange this little money."

She looked at her unconscious mother through the ward's little glass window. She tried hard not to let those tears filled in her eyes fall.

"No, how can I cry? There is still time, There is still hope, Day has not fallen yet. Alex might come, Mom still has a chance."

Seeing that she wasn't able to hold those pesky tears from breaking out, She decided to put all her trust in one last hope. 

Hope that what Alex, created in her heart is true, Hope that he might be just coming here any moment now, Hope that her mother is still alive and had a chance to survive. 

So she can't cry. How can a woman cry when there is still hope? So she hardens her heart, Wipes those little tear stains, Which she didn't know when slipped out. Now all she can do is wait.

"Didn't you used to say that woman only cries three times? When they are born, When her father dies, and last, when her mother dies? It's not good to lie Grace."

Suddenly a very enchanting voice broke her train of thought. When she looked up, She saw that handsome face that didn't let her sleep at night. 

Now he was looking even more handsome than before, For a moment she was dazed, and then the almost diminished hope in her heart ignited.

'He came, I didn't love the wrong man.'

This was the only thought in her mind. She felt as happy as wandering, finding an oasis in the ruthless desert.


'System uses the eye of truth on her and shows me her details.'

As Alex entered ward 3-B and saw Grace seated on the bench, He asked the system to show her information.

[Ding! The target details are like the following...

Name : Grace Smite 

Strength : 115 

Agility : 106 

Charm : 123

Luck : 1120 (Heroine)

Skills :

Martial Arts (LV 3), Business (LV 4), Violin (LV 1)

Talent : 

Business Wizard (Yet to be open) : This talent increases business intelligence tremendously. All things related to the business are very easy to learn for anyone who possesses this talent. This talent also grants the possessor a business intuition, Which because of it can be called a business forsite.

(Note : Once her talent is awakened, She will be a very formidable opponent to anyone in the business field.

This talent will be unlocked on its own very soon or With an emotional shock you will be able to unlock it right now.)

Superpower : None.

Favorability : 68

Summary : Grace Smit is a poor boy (Girl) ML troop, Who with her business knowledge rises from poverty to richness. 

(Note : Woman like her is single minded, Once they loved or hated someone, They will not change their view, So beware of it.)] 

Alex already guessed her stats from plot in his mind but he still was surprised, All of her stats are above average. 

'Worthy for being a heroine.'

But what he thinks is funny is that even having ten times more luck than the average person, she is still miserable. 

Is this logical? Yes for Protagonist and Heroine is very logical things. If they are not that miserable, How can they turn around and slap a villain? So it's necessary for them.

'System, Choose her as a raider target.'

After confirming everything, He commanded the system to lock her as a raider target.

[Ding! Grace Smite selected as a raider target.]

After doing all that Alex approached Grace and said those words in a neutral voice. 

He can't help it. In her mind, he was bad at showing his emotions and understanding others feelings like a Tsundere. So he had to bite the bullet and act like one.

Thankfully, He has god-level acting skills. If not, he really can't act as a brain-dead Tsundere.

"Alex you came, You really came. Let's go and pay the deposit, So they can do surgery as soon as possible."

Grace who was ignited with new hope, Didn't mind him mocking her. At this moment she was on cloud nine, Thinking she didn't waste those three years. She loved the right man, and not the kind person her friends described him to be.

She stood up and wiped the trail of mischievous tears, which were still silently falling from her delicate rosy cheeks. After that she hurriedly dragged him to the payment window.

Soon they came to the payment window, Grace quickly brought the payment form and filled it out.

"Alex, Give me 5000 UC, I promise you, I will return this money as soon as possible."

Grace excitedly extended her hands to him, Waiting to get the money from him to pay the deposit.

"That- "

[Ding! The World choice is detected...

Selection fuction is triggered...

Please choose one of the options...].

Alex wanted to explain about the check but the system voice made him swallow back his words.

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