3 3. This System Is Too OP

"System, Tell me about your functions."

 Alex lay on the bed and started communicating with the system. He could guess the function of it from the name, but he still needed specific information.

[Ding! The Host, The Female Raider System, is as its name suggests, to raid Heroines. But it's not limited to heroines. As long as the target is a woman, the host can raid her, but the rewards might not be as rich as raiding the heroine.

The system also has a shop function. The host can buy anything from the system using Raider's points, such as, but not limited to, real estate property, company shares, skills, superpowers, artifacts, and even a beautiful woman. You can think and the system will provide it for an equivalent price.

There are other functions of the system that the host will find out as they unlock it.]

"Hmm, quite simple enough. Tell me about other information, such as titles and skills."

Alex understood how this system worked. He just had to raid a woman's special heroines and would receive rewards.

[Ding! Titles are the passive aura of the host. The host can receive titles from system rewards, mission rewards, or when the host meets the conditions for it. The current title's effects are as follows:

• Charmer: This title lets you easily get the affection of the opposite sex. The more naive and simple-minded a woman is, the more it will make it easy for you to increase her affection for you.

• Milf Hunter: This title increases the sexual attraction of older (according to host appearance age) opposite sex for you from 50% to 100% (depending on how much she is loyal to her partner. If she does not have a partner, it will be 100% attractive).

Skills are the proficiency of a certain thing and are divided into four parts as follows:

Mortal level: The mortal skill level is LV 1 to LV 10, but the highest mortal ever reached was LV 8. This is the ceiling of the skill for mortal beings, as their lifespan doesn't allow them to learn further.

Pseudo-Immortal level: This level has a total of 50 levels from LV 11 to LV 60. At this level, skills can take a glimpse into the laws of nature and affect the world on a very small level.

Immortal level: This level has a total of 39 levels from LV 61 to LV 99. At this level, users can directly affect the world and its laws on a large scale, depending on their power level. Anyone who possesses this level of skill is crowned as the god of the given skill. This is the limit of every being in the universe.

God-level: This level of skill has never appeared in this world. God-level skill is LV 100. Once someone reaches this level, skill will no longer be just a skill that affects the law of the world but becomes the law itself.

(Note: It's impossible to reach this level because the experience value for each level will be doubled, while the exp bar will reset back to zero, for example:

LV 1 (0/100 Exp), LV 2 (0/200 Exp), LV 3 (0/400 Exp), ... LV 10 (0/102,400 Exp).)

The current skills information is as follows:

Cooking LV 1: This is an entry-level skill. Culinary students have this level of skill. This level of skill makes the host a culinary student-level chef.

Singing LV 2: This is a mid-level skill on Earth. Most new professional singers have this level, which makes them professional-level singers.

Piano LV 4: This is one of the million levels on Earth that only the most genius people have. This skill can earn you many accolades, and the music played at this level can touch the listener's soul on a profound level.

God-Level Acting: This skill makes the host the best actor in the universe. No one can see through your facade, and no superpower can affect the host. This skill also has physical effects on the host's body, and nothing in the world can detect it as fake.

Note: The host won't be harmed until they use this skill for acting. So, even if they take a fatal strike, once the host lifts the skill, it reverts back to its original state.

Superpowers are unique skills that only one in millions of people can awaken. There are many types of superpowers, from battle to support, but each one puts the person beyond the limits of normal humans.

Eye of Truth: This superpower is unique to the system and allows the host to view basic information about the people around them without them finding out.

Note: There is no limit to the power level of this skill, and it cannot be blocked by other artifacts.

Consumables are one-time or limited-use items.

God-Level Skill Experience Card: Once used on the designated skill, it permanently turns it into a god-level skill.

Note: This is a one-time consumable item.

Stats points are used to improve the host's physical attributes. Except for IQ, each stat requires 1 stat point per point increase. For IQ, 10 stats are required per 1 point increase up to 150 IQ and 20 stats per 1 point increase after that up to 200 IQ.

Attribute points information:

Strength represents physical power.

Stamina represents endurance.

Vitality represents recovery speed and health.

Mana represents the remaining power source.

Luck represents the hidden attribute of luck.

Note: If someone's luck crosses the 1000 Luck mark, they will be considered the protagonist or heroine. Only the protagonist has the power to increase their luck by stealing from others.

IQ represents intelligence.

Charm represents charm and attractiveness.

Note: Normally, no one can change their charm, it is fixed at birth.

Note: Rules of the normal world do not apply to the host who possesses the system.

"System!!! Aren't you too strong?"

Alex was startled by the revelation. Two God-level skills, labeled as not existing in this universe, were given to him from the start.

"Isn't that too broken? Where is the static growth? I've already reached the peak in the beginning."

Just look at the skill description, he is technically immune to any damage while using it. What does he have to be afraid of anymore?

[Ding! The host, please do not underestimate the power level of this world. In this world, superpowers exist. Although those who are strong might not be able to harm you, they surely can capture you.

Not to mention, the protagonist is set to have the strongest superpower. As the host is tagged as a villain by the world, no matter what the host does, the host will be targeted by the protagonist.

So, it's recommended for the host to target the protagonist, but the host is free to do what he wants if he doesn't want to follow the plot. This system will not restrict the host's actions.]


"How could I miss them?" 

Alex was startled when the system mentioned the superpowers. The plot he received in his mind had mentioned them.

That's right, this world has superpowers. Although those individuals are hiding in the world at the beginning of the plot, later as the plot progresses, those monsters who were hiding deep come out and the world steps into a new era."

"Sigh Forget about them for now. It's still a long way until that happens, but for now, let's raid some heroines."

Alex shakes his head and throws out those worries. For now, he can only pay attention to raiding the heroines.

He was glad he chose to change the plot in the beginning. After all, the system just said that he will be targeted by the protagonist no matter what he did, so the option of making friends with him was thrown out of the window.

"Now, first just focus on saving my ass, and she will help him to do that."

Alex lifted the check written for Grace Smith with a smirk on his face. He was not a hypocrite like the protagonist, who had to make excuses for being with the woman.

He just likes beautiful womens. That's a genuine and pure answer.

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