13 13. Sub-Skill : Foodgasum

Alex looked at the luxurious European-American style hall, A yellow golden light on the ceiling illuminating the imported furniture placed in the hall. A combination of all these things gives the feeling of royalty.

"Alex, On this whole floor there is only this apartment, All this space is only for this one apartment. This furniture is specially made and imported from Murica, The price of this whole place cost me 400 million UC."

Rose didn't know what to say, So she started babbling things about her apartment. Of course, there was some expectation in her heart.

Normally, Any man who hears about her wealth shows starry eyes when looking at her. Then they start to please her, Show their advantage, and Throw their favor at her. If someone acted like this in the morning, She would be disgusted by it but now she has rare expectations.

She wanted to see if Alex would act like that, Trying to please her, May...Maybe even commit to her. After all, no matter what as a woman she had the desire to be with a handsome man, Not to mention a man in front of her is still single.

"Humm it's quite a good-looking Rose, Well...Can you tell me where the kitchen is?"

But to her disappointment, Alex just spoke casually without any greed or desire. 

Alex not only receives memories of his hidden background but also life's experience of it. Ethics and all of the high-class family rules are in his mind. So for him, this mere 400 million apartment is nothing. If he wants he can just get a palace worth 4 billion with a single call.

Of course, the premise is that he goes back to his family. Because the system created a reason for him being outside the family, And that reason was that He didn't wante to marry his fiancé because it was an arranged marriage. 

So he runs away from his family and comes to this Berlin city 4 years ago. This way all the plot holes will be cleared. If anyone asks why he didn't tell, He can just say he was hiding from them that's why he didn't say anything about it.

"Oh...Just take the next left and after that take the right. There is a kitchen."

Rose had very complicated feelings. On the one hand, she was happy that Alex is not a vanity and greedy person but on the other hand was disappointed that he was not a vanity and greedy person.

This contrary feeling wreaks havoc in her heart. So when Alex asked she didn't think much and gave directions. 

"Okay, You get busy, I will finish cooking in an hour or so."

Alex saw through her heart but this is what he wanted, The more turbulent her heart will be the more easier for him to take the next step.

So he ignored Rose and left her alone with her thoughts. After getting the directions he walked straight towards the kitchen.

'System, Use god-level experience card on the cooking skill.'

While walking he commanded the system. In this woman-respected world, Cooking skill of men is a killer move for women.

If he wants to gain the affection of a woman, Cooking is the best way to find an opportunity to raid them. After all, Like his last world, a woman loves a man who is handsome and can cook, Who can they marry.

[Ding! The God-Level skill card is consumed...

Cooking skills are improving...

Cooking skill is upgraded to mortal peak level...

Cooking skill is upgraded to Puseo-Immortal peak level...

Cooking skill is upgraded to Immortal peak level...

Congratulations Cooking skill is upgraded to God-level...]

System voice fell and the experience of his cooking level started to rise, From a mortal peak to a pseudo-immortal peak, Then an immortal peak, and finally stopped at the God-Level.

Just as it reached the god level, Lots of mysterious knowledge appeared in his mind. He felt like he practiced this skill for eternity, Not only knowledge of the cooking but also an experience of it.

'Huh!? What is this?'

After absorbing the knowledge and experience, Alex finds out that there is some extra skill that appeared in his mind with the god-level cooking.

[Ding! This is a "Foodgasm" skill.

Foodgasm (Passive): Food made by the skill holder gives a feeling of euphoria and pure bliss to the consumer. This satisfaction is one level higher than a normal physical one.

Effect: When the opposite sex consumes the food, Their affection for the host will increase by 10-20 depending on the taste of the food. 

If same-sex consumed, Their loyalty increases for the host by 10-20 (System detected that host possesses God-level cooking so affection will be increased by 20 each time.)  

(Note: This effect has a cooldown of 24Hrs before it can affect the same person again. There is no limit to the number of people as long as they are humanoid beings.)

Host this is a sub-skill, Every god-level skill has at least one sub-skill, Like god-level, acting can auto-act and give protection.] 

'This is a complete cheat ability!!! As long as I feed food cooked by me for 5 days to woman, I can win any woman's heart.'

Alex was shocked by this sub-skill, This skill might be more powerful than god-level cooking.

[Ding! Hosts gaining the affection of Heroines in an initial plot is very easy but the problem is how to keep them peaceful. 

Remember the host, Unlike the protagonist, You didn't have a protagonist halo, Which will help you to keep the peace in the harem.

One wrong move and there will be a bloodbath in the harem. So the system warns the host to be careful.]

The system poured cold water on Alex's intention to just feed the heroine until full affection.

'*Sigh* So I can't just raise them to full affection of 100, Just feeding them. I still need to carefully plot the reasons.'

Alex was disappointed but he also understood the reason behind it. If there is no emotional base, That increased affection might make that heroine crazy and try everything to get him.

[Ding! Sorry to interrupt your host but 100 is not a full favorability value. The favorability value is like the following...

0-30 =  Indifferent, Acquaintance, Friends

30-60 = Friends, Crush, Love

60-90= Love, Only One, Until Death 

91-100 = Obsession 

100- 500 = Unhealthy amounts of obsession

500-♾ = Not even death can take them apart.

(Note : There is another meter ranking, Does the host wants to see it?)]

'100 is not the limit!! Wait!? There is no limit to affection at all.'

Alex is right now scared. If he is not careful in this superpower world, He might start a shura field, Which only going to make his life miserable.

'Fuck it I will handle it if that ever happens, Now just focus on the cooking, There is still a long night ahead.

Alex didn't want to think about it anymore, Big deal if that happened just go back home, His family can handle the rest.

In his mind, He has already reached the kitchen, So he put the ingredients he brought on the counter. After washing his hands thoroughly he started to prepare things to cook.


In the hall Rose came back to her senses, His cheeks were still crimson because of shame. She just realized the desire in her heart was directed toward the man of her elder sister.

'Well...They already broke up, Right? And if sister really cared about him, She should have contacted him long ago.'

Now that desire took root in her heart, She started to make up a reason. 

She is partially right, If Alia really loved or cared about Alex, She should have contacted him the moment he blocked her but she didn't.

Of course, In her thinking, she ignored the fact they broke up because of her or even of Alia not loving him but Alex still in the eyes of others loves Aila. After all, she was trying to justify feelings in her heart not to have a debate with herself.

"Well, Let's just conform with her for the last time before doing anything."

Rose still feels little guilt in her heart, So she decided to directly talk with her sister to figure out, She has any feelings for Alex or not.

*Ring-ring* *Ring-ring* 

Rose picked up her phone and dialed the number of her sister, Alia. 


After a few ring calls got to pick and what came from the other side was a bone-chilling cold voice. It was not purposefully disguised by her nut speaker as this intent characteristic.

"Sister, That...That Alex. I paid him to leave you and he accepted."

Rose trembled to hear her sister's voice. What is afraid in this entire world is her sister. Although her sister spoils her in normal times she also does not take any of her offenses lightly. 

If she made a mistake then she will be punished according to family law. There is no mercy given to her even as her sister. There is a shadow of her sister in her heart.


The opposite side only hummed as a reply to her statement and then became silent. 

This silence was unbearable to Rose, It's always like, Her sister never let others know what is in her heart.

"You know sister, I offered him a million but he only took 888,389, not for himself but for Grace, He even received checks in her name."

Rose to see her sister not saying anything spoke, A trail of sweat dripping from her forehead because of nervousness, Even though she wants to have Alex for herself now, She didn't dare to lie. 

She knows her sister, Alia's power. Maybe she already knew everything from the very beginning, She might be just testing people. 

"I know."

Like Rose guessed, Alia already knows this fact in the evening. Same bone-chilling cold voice without any turbulence, As if they were not talking about her boyfriend...Sorry, ex-boyfriend. 

"That- "

Rose trembled to hear Alia's tone. Although there was no fluctuation in it, she felt undisguised killing intent in her voice. 

She didn't know what to say next, So she was put in an awkward position.

"You are with him, right?"


Alia said these words in the same cold tone but when Rose heard it, She felt cold all over her body.

Her sister knows!! She knows that she is with Alex, Her ex-boyfriend.


Rose's body was trembling in fear, Words she spoke were stammering. She forgot that there was also a hidden bodyguard around her, So they told her what she did to her sister. 


Alia only asked one question but this one question to Rose was like an immeasurable mountain crushing down on her.

She has no answer to this question, Say that he invited her, Who can believe that? Say that she was greedy for his body. Believe it or not, the next day she will be at the bottom of the river.

She knows how possessive her sister is. Even if She doesn't want it, Others can't have it. 

But she also confirmed one thing: her sister didn't have any feelings for Alex, Because if she did, She would be present right here to drag her back, not speaking casually from the phone.

"Sis-Sister th-that Yeah! Alex said even though the money I gave him was not a good way, it ended up saving someone's life. So he decided to treat me, Saying he is a good cook. That's why I am with him.

I also gave him an extra 7 million as an apology, That might be also the reason he was treating me."

That sentence is true, When life and death situations occur our bodies will break their limit and work on the superhuman level.

The same is happening with Rose, Her non-existent IQ broke its limit and came up with a quite reasonable reason. Not only does this implicate her but also protects Alex. 

After all, both are innocent. It is just gratitude for saving a life.

"After eating, Go back to the company for work."


"Hello!? Sister? Sister?"

Rose wanted to make excuses for going back to the company but after saying this sentence Alia cut off the call without giving her any time to say anything.


She couldn't help but curse, She felt wronged. She didn't get to enjoy anything and now she gets punished.

For her, working overtime at night is worse than the death penalty. She hates working. Why should she be as rich as the second-generation didn't need to work hard, Plus there is a mighty sister to take care of the business, So they are also not worried about going bankrupt. 

But now she has to work, Which was a nightmare for her.


"It will be done in a few minutes. After this dinner, I will definitely lose my unwanted virginity."

Unknown to the mess outside, Alex was happily cooking, imagining finally getting rid of the title of a virgin.

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