Surviving in Another Dimension: I Can See Hints Book

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Surviving in Another Dimension: I Can See Hints

A PIece of Pudding

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Waking up from a night of sleep, the entire population found themselves transmigrated to another dimension. This was an immeasurably horrifying world. There were Giant Dragons, Griffins, Goblins, Gnomes, Dwarfs, Orcs. There were also Zombies, an army of Undead, and various other mythical beasts. Everyone was an Overlord of their territory and began with a small courtyard and three farmers. To get wealthy, they had to start by collecting resources and gradually build up their territory. The Overlords must explore the map, occupy areas, obtain resources, develop their fortresses, and conquer monster dens. Every month, the Overlords had to fend against the plunders of the monster armies and other-worldly forces. Wang Jue activated the strategy guide at the beginning. Everywhere he looked, walk-through guidance information would appear, helping him to find all the hidden treasures. [The withered tree located 50m south-east of your territory isn’t as simple as it looks.] [Walk 27 steps from where you are right now and start digging, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.] [You can stop looking at the treasure chest now, it’s a trap, the poisonous gas inside of it will cause you to pass out for three days.] While the other Overlords were still struggling to survive, Wang Jue had already built an enormous fortress. He owned countless elite soldiers and epic heroes, and his resources were stacked taller than the mountains!


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