36 Chapter 34 Enemy Attack 1

In the forest, John climbed a tall tree and settled into a comfortable sleeping position on its branches. He was used to sleeping in rough places and had no fear of falling, as his body had adapted to various environments.

John slept through the night, and in the morning, he went to Rose's location to see if she had made a decision yet. However, she asked for more time. So, for the past few days, John had been visiting Olivia to offer any assistance she might need.

During these days, John didn't spot Arven and wondered where he had gone. Finally, two days later, the night arrived, and John checked his system to see the time limit for his mission.

Mission: Kill Mike, the leader

Rewards: 250 EXP and 300 points

Time Limit: {5 hours}

Since it was already 7 o'clock in the evening, John realized he had only 5 hours left to complete the mission. While contemplating, he heard a rustling sound not far from the tree where he was sleeping.


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