Surviving In A Yandere Academy Book

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Surviving In A Yandere Academy


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Tenji is one of the youngest professors in the prestigious sorcery academy in all of Meiji–Erīto academy. As the only male among the professors, he had tried his best to adapt to the disturbing attention. Being known for turning down the proposals of the female students and professors, he proceeds to strike a deal with the headmistress. Entrusted with a journal of a dead transmigrator–a great ancient sorcerer, with its content written in a foreign language. Using his prior knowledge of this language from his late grandfather and further research, he learns about a great enemy that threatens to break free from its thousand-year seal which had started to weaken. He realizes this is not just a burden meant to carry alone, so he took it upon himself to train the students in the academy in hope that they can defeat it. All he needed was to find out a driving goal for his selected yandere students who had the innocent looks to fool anyone, was it lovestruck? blood? justice? freedom? devotion? delusion?... ***** Cover doesn't belong to me, just the text. ***** Discord server https://discord.gg/WfpwFGrcsN ***** NO HAREM, yandere, magic, superpowers, mystery, gore...


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