Surviving In A Yandere Academy Book

novel - Fantasy

Surviving In A Yandere Academy


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Tenji is a young professor in Erīto, a prestigious sorcery academy in Meiji. As the only male among the professors, he receives disturbing attention from the female students and faculty members. He is known for turning down proposals from them, and in a bid to ease the situation, he strikes a deal with the headmistress. The headmistress entrusts him with a journal written in a foreign language that belonged to a dead transmigrator, an ancient sorcerer. Using his knowledge of the language acquired from his late grandfather and further research, he discovers a great enemy that threatens to break free from its thousand-year-old seal, which has started to weaken. Tenji realizes that he cannot carry the burden alone without the risk of losing control in the process and decides to train the students in the academy so they can defeat the enemy. However, he needs to find a driving goal for his selected yandere students, who have innocent looks that can fool anyone. Is it lovestruck? blood? justice? freedom? devotion? delusion? As Tenji trains his students and uncovers more information about the enemy, he realizes that this is not just a battle for their lives, but for the fate of the entire world. With his knowledge, skills, and the support of his students, Tenji and his students embarks on a dangerous and thrilling journey that will test their abilities and his will to stay in control of the darkness within. ***** Cover doesn't belong to me, just the text. ***** Discord server https://discord.gg/WfpwFGrcsN ***** NO HAREM, yandere, magic, superpowers, mystery, gore, OP teacher, Teacher MC, darkness...


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