7 The Second Path, Mutation

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He left the small pond that was emitting a pungent rancid smell.

Zhou Yuan continued walking.

While observing the surrounding environment, he would enter the houses from time to time to search for supplies.

At the same time, he was thinking of ways to obtain the ability to protect himself.

Hire people as bodyguards?

That might not be safe.

In an environment without morality or law, the bodyguard might stab him in the back.

Look for firearms and other weapons?

In the ruins, firearms were extremely rare.

It wasn't like the Hollywood blockbusters in his previous life, where everyone had a gun when the end of the world came.

To find a gun was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

After eliminating these two points, Zhou Yuan was left with only the system.

The Unlimited Evolution System could evolve all plants, animals, and non-living beings.

Humans were also animals.

Then the system, which claimed to be capable of evolving everything, would definitely be able to make him evolve.

With that in mind, Zhou Yuan immediately asked the system,

"System, if I use this evolution chance on myself, what will the consequences be?"

The system also seemed to be stuck for a moment.

Two seconds later, it replied in Zhou Yuan's mind.

[The host is a living being. The effects of evolution can be predicted.]

[There are three most likely outcomes.]

[ 1. Strengthen. Your physical fitness becomes extremely good. You will be able to resist the infection of radiation, viruses, and bacteria!]

[ 2. Mutation. Your body will undergo a mutation and gain great power.]

[ 3. Evolution. You will be walking on an unknown path of evolution.]

[All three of the above developments are possible.]

Zhou Yuan immediately asked,

"What's the second one? What kind of changes will happen?"

[For example, you might become muscular and obtain a height of two meters.]

[Or, grow a second pair of arms with infinite strength and so on.]

[Parts or whole of the body would mutate.]

Hearing this, Zhou Yuan immediately frowned.

Initially, he was very interested in the second path after hearing that one could possess great power.

However, after listening to the system's explanation, he didn't want to take the second path at all.

He was fine with being muscular and two meters tall.

What the hell was with that second pair of arms?

Could he still be called a human?

Shaking his head, Zhou Yuan turned his attention back to the first and third paths.

The first path didn't say what kind of power he would have.

However, from the literal meaning, it seemed pretty good.

His physical fitness would become extremely good, which meant that his stamina and body condition would also become very good.

Then, if he was to have a conflict with an ordinary person, he would be able to protect himself.

After all, most people were emaciated and didn't even have the strength to walk.

In addition, he also had a high resistance to radiation, viruses, and bacteria.

This would be very practical.

At the very least, it would ensure that he would not fall sick easily in the future, and that his life would not be shortened due to radiation.

The third development was an unknown evolutionary path?

This sounded a little strange.

However, the word 'unknown' made Zhou Yuan a little nervous.

If it did not meet his expectations, he would have wasted a chance to evolve.

However, after some thought, Zhou Yuan made up his mind.

He decided to use the evolution chance on himself.

If he had to choose one out of the three, the chances of him becoming a four-armed or three-legged man were lower.

He could accept the other two developments.

With that thought in mind, Zhou Yuan decisively entered a nearby house.

Then, he said to the system in his heart,

"System, I'll use this evolution chance on myself!"


The system's voice sounded indifferently. Zhou Yuan felt goosebumps all over his body.

Then, an intense pain burst out from his body.

Zhou Yuan's face contorted with sweat.

However, he gritted his teeth and didn't make a sound.

After an unknown period of time, the pain disappeared and the system's voice sounded.

"Ding! Evolution complete. Congratulations, the host's body has been greatly strengthened and has gained a strong resistance."

[Now, the host's resistance to all radiation, viruses, and bacteria is maxed out.]

Zhou Yuan heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.

He was lucky that he did not become a four-armed man.

Through the half-broken full-body mirror in the room.

Zhou Yuan realized that his originally delicate face had become more angular and handsome.

His figure had become very well-proportioned as if it had been fine-tuned.

There were obvious muscles on his arms and abdomen.

He seemed to have grown a few inches taller, and his trousers were shorter than before.

In addition, his strength had also increased.

He could easily lift a 200 to 300-kilogram concrete slab from the ground.

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed to see such a change.

Although it was not to the point of having boundless strength, it was already far beyond ordinary people.

As long as he didn't encounter any firearms, he had the basic ability to protect himself.

Currently, the evolution only required 100 system gold coins.

Zhou Yuan was quite satisfied with the results.

However, Zhou Yuan's expression immediately changed.

A strong sense of hunger welled up in him, and his stomach made a loud noise.

This enhancement not only consumed one evolution opportunity.

It also consumed the energy in his body.

Zhou Yuan, who did not eat much, was even hungrier now!

He took out the limited amount of food in his bag and finished it in two or three mouthfuls.

However, it was of no use.

"I can't take it anymore, I need to quickly find someone to exchange for food."

"Otherwise, I feel like I'll starve to death here."

Zhou Yuan muttered to himself. He walked out of the house and ran forward at top speed.

However, when he passed by a residential building, he stopped.

After his body had been strengthened, his five senses had also become very sharp.

His sight, smell, and hearing had all become very powerful.

The reason why he stopped was because he smelled a strong fragrance when he passed by.

There was the smell of meat, but not all of it.

It seemed to be meat mixed with other side dishes and placed in a pot to cook.

Zhou Yuan's eyes immediately lit up.

Following the scent, he came to the 15th floor of the residential building.

This floor had the strongest fragrance.

Zhou Yuan heard two voices in the corridor.

One of them had a tender voice and seemed to be very young.

The two strangers ate and occasionally talked in low voices.

Zhou Yuan walked quickly to the door and coughed lightly.

Immediately, the sound of conversation disappeared, even the sound of chewing was gone.

Zhou Yuan could almost imagine what would happen after the two of them heard his voice.

With food in their mouth, their entire body turned stiff.

He coughed again to clear his throat.

Zhou Yuan said in a calm tone,

"Friends inside, I have no ill intentions."

"I'm just hungry, so I want to exchange for some food. "

"I can trade clean drinking water for it."

Zhou Yuan waited for a moment after he finished speaking.

However, the people inside did not reply to him.

It was obvious that the other party didn't want to show their face and didn't want to exchange with him.

However, Zhou Yuan's stomach was getting hungrier as he smelled the fragrance.

He couldn't help but knock on the door.

"Friend, I really don't have any ill intentions."

"I just want to exchange for something to eat."

Even though civilization had collapsed, Zhou Yuan had his own bottom line.

He disdained to use violence to achieve his goal.

However, it was obvious that the people in the room did not believe Zhou Yuan.

Five or six seconds after Zhou Yuan shouted for the second time, a cold female voice came from the inside.

"There's not enough food, I won't trade."

"You're not welcome here, please leave!"

Zhou Yuan shook his head helplessly.

Sometimes, it seemed that fists were easier to convince people than reason.

He took two steps back and kicked out.

The door was kicked open with a bang.

However, in the next second, a figure rushed up with a knife.

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