Surviving By Relying On My Yandere Fiancee

Meet Elysion, the third prince trapped in a romantic RPG nightmare! He’s the ultimate underdog, hated sidekick with a fatal fate. But guess what? Elysion’s got a game-changing plan, after all he is harry and has got his past life wisdom. No more canceling engagements and diving into disastrous endings. This time, he’s sidestepping fiancée drama from the get-go. The twist? The Duke’s daughter, once his top pick, is a powerhouse of possessiveness and obsession – A TOTAL YANDERE Get ready for a rollercoaster of love, survival, and unexpected turns in this RPG adventure! ****** A/N: Though it’s yandere(obsessive female lead) it's not serious, it will be soothing and can except many comedic scenes. Hoping, you will give it a try regardless of your liking to yandere or not.

Stylish_Demon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
118 Chs


"It's, um, getting cold, so should we go back inside soon?"

"...Can't be helped."

Whispering to Serena, who is still cuddling against my chest, after a moment, she reluctantly agreed with a pout.

Of course, I want to stay like this with her, but the tension and her incredibly pleasant scent make my heart feel like it's about to burst. It's impossible to handle any more.

'Hopeful I was able to control myself.'

With that, I took Serena's hand and we returned to the venue.


Chris and Vikir, along with Frederica and Mary, were chatting happily. Despite it being a request from King Eival, I felt uneasy seeing Chris smiling at Vikir.

I had never seen Chris and Vikir engaged in conversation before; at most, they exchanged cold glances. So...


"Ely, since it's such a festive party, please refrain from making such a face."

Serena pressed her index finger against my forehead and I couldn't help but be bewildered.

Could it be that I was making such a terrible face...?

"Well, you are glaring at that trash with a demon-like expression! Those nobles who believe in your ridiculous bad reputation are worried that you might cause trouble."

"Ah, hahaha..." 

Being pointed out by Serena like that, I could only smile wryly. Indeed, when I looked around, there were some people casting glances in our direction. 

So, my expression was the cause for that.

"But... Ely, did you get angry after hearing my story?"


She hit the nail on the head, and I couldn't say a word. Learning that the boy from back then was actually Serena, and that Vikir was the one who locked her up, I couldn't forgive him.

After all, Serena from back then, on her first visit to the royal palace, had suffered such a horrible experience and was crying so hard, feeling so helpless.

'Anyone one would have felt fear in that dark and damp room, not to mention a six-year old child.'

"Please don't worry. Thanks to you, I've become stronger. All to present you with the 'Dragon's Favor.'"

With a hand on her chest, Serena gazed at me with warm eyes. She mentioned the 'Dragon's Favor' before, but what does that mean? 

'I'm really curious.'

"Now, there are delicious dishes lined up over there. Let's enjoy them together."


Whether she knew my thoughts or not, Serena somewhat forcefully took my hand and led me to the table with appetizers.


"Welcome back, Prince Elysion!"

"Ely! I missed you!"


Having escorted Serena to the Ravenhurst mansion.

I returned to the palace, Mir welcomed me politely, and Night jumped onto my face like a dog even though it wasn't one.

"Yeah, I'm back. Serena gave me delicious pastries on the way back, so let's eat together."

"Eat, eat!"

"I'll prepare tea right away."

By the way, Night really loves sweets. Even though she's a magical beast.

So, back in the room, Mir poured tea into cups, and I took a sip.

"So, how was the party?"

"Yeah, I danced with Serena for the first time, heard nostalgic stories, and had a lot of fun."

"That's good. The young lady has finally been able to confide in you."

Huh? Mir's wording is a bit strange, but... well, never mind.

"That said... Will Vikir attend events from now on?"

"Did something happen?"

"Well, it's not a big deal, but..."

I explained that Vikir joined Chris's faction under the orders of King Eival. Since Chris himself doesn't seem entirely opposed, there must have been some kind of deal between King Eival and Chris.

"I see... that is a bit concerning. I will investigate what happened between King Eival and Prince Chris, in addition to keeping an eye on the two."

"Yeah, please. But don't do anything reckless."


With a hand on her chest, Mir gave a humble bow. Despite her teasing habits, she's still an important person to me.

"Now, what do you think of Prince Vikir, Prince Elysion?"

"Well... how I think of him is..."

"Literal meaning. Regardless of any schemes, how do you personally evaluate that man?"

Mir's expressionless face had a somewhat probing gaze directed at me. Hmm... How do I feel about Vikir?

In my past life, I was the protagonist and the player, so I'd probably be evaluated as a fulfilled, real-life harem protagonist. But...

"That man... no, I absolutely can't forgive that trash. But I definitely don't want to get involved with him."

Right. I can't forgive him for what he did for serena back then. Now that I know who the culprit was when Serena was locked up in the room as a child, I can't forgive him.

But at the same time, if the main story of Engage hundered times has started, he will shine as the protagonist, and I, the unfortunate prince, will only have an unhappy future.

So, according to the initial plan, I have to avoid getting involved with Vikir.

"I'm relieved to hear that. I, Mir, from now on, pledges loyalty to Prince Elysion once again."

"Yeah. Please continue to support me."

Taking Mir's hand as she kneeled, I expressed my gratitude and trust with the most sincere smile I could muster.

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