Surviving By Relying On My Yandere Fiancee

Meet Elysion, the third prince trapped in a romantic RPG nightmare! He’s the ultimate underdog, hated sidekick with a fatal fate. But guess what? Elysion’s got a game-changing plan, after all he is harry and has got his past life wisdom. No more canceling engagements and diving into disastrous endings. This time, he’s sidestepping fiancée drama from the get-go. The twist? The Duke’s daughter, once his top pick, is a powerhouse of possessiveness and obsession – A TOTAL YANDERE Get ready for a rollercoaster of love, survival, and unexpected turns in this RPG adventure! ****** A/N: Though it’s yandere(obsessive female lead) it's not serious, it will be soothing and can except many comedic scenes. Hoping, you will give it a try regardless of your liking to yandere or not.

Stylish_Demon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
118 Chs

Please be safe, Milady

Mir's Point of view.

"Milady, what emotion do your facial expressions convey?"


Waiting alone in my room, I inquire of the young lady who has returned from His Highness Elysion's room.


"Why are you suddenly asking this?? Of course I am angry towards that bitch who calls herself the Queen, I won't deem that creature to live on the same land as my Ely! "


"Anger...so, you are angry towards Queen Margery right?"


"Yes. Despite disregarding Elysion herself until now and not even speaking to him as a mother, she tried to harm her own son as soon as she felt abandoned."

"Whether she's the first queen or whatever, that woman... I absolutely won't forgive her. She isn't someone who will earn my forgiveness even if she served prince Elysion for whole her life!"