Surviving By Relying On My Yandere Fiancee

Meet Elysion, the third prince trapped in a romantic RPG nightmare! He’s the ultimate underdog, hated sidekick with a fatal fate. But guess what? Elysion’s got a game-changing plan, after all he is harry and has got his past life wisdom. No more canceling engagements and diving into disastrous endings. This time, he’s sidestepping fiancée drama from the get-go. The twist? The Duke’s daughter, once his top pick, is a powerhouse of possessiveness and obsession – A TOTAL YANDERE Get ready for a rollercoaster of love, survival, and unexpected turns in this RPG adventure! ****** A/N: Though it’s yandere(obsessive female lead) it's not serious, it will be soothing and can except many comedic scenes. Hoping, you will give it a try regardless of your liking to yandere or not.

Stylish_Demon · Fantasy
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118 Chs

My Own Weapon

"Gefuuu... Th-thank you... very much..." (Cough)

Three months since I exchanged engagement vows with Serena.

Today, after finishing another grueling training session, I rolled on the ground with all energy drained.

"Prince Elysion, you've improved quite a lot. With this, ordinary folks won't be able to harm you at all."

Serena looked down at me with a cool expression, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

She ordered me to focus on strengthening the defensive aspect, thoroughly training me in various ways. First, there were exercises where I had to run away from magical beasts released in the training ground to acquire the basic stamina needed. 

Then, climbing the tallest tower in the palace grounds and avoiding magical beasts approaching from below. Finally, there was a training exercise where I was thrown into a pond and had to swim to escape water-based magical beasts. I've been running away a lot.

After that, the defense training involved dodging, evading, and blocking Serena's sword strikes that were too fast for my movements to be perceived, a very painful exercise. Her movements, combined with the intensity of each strike, made it nearly impossible to keep up.

Most of all...

"But, but I can't defend even thirty percent of your attacks..."

Yes, my progress in these three months is only at that level.

Thanks to that, I've become much more resilient compared to the beginning. It's like, "Hey, now I can take a beating!"

"Prince Elysion, have confidence. Even though it's only thirty percent, there is no one in the Ravenhurst Ducal House, except for Father, who can defend against my sword."

"Ah, ahaha..."

For now, it seems she's trying to comfort me, but I wonder if I should be happy about that...

"However, my concern is that while it's good to devote so much time to martial arts training, I'm worried it might make you neglect your studies..."

"Ah... that's not a problem."

Looking worried, Serena asked, and I replied with a relaxed voice while lying down.

In reality, after regaining my memories from my past life, I tried taking private lessons. However, except for history, the difficulty level was around that of an elementary school student.

I'm still thirteen, so I think they will gradually increase the difficulty to match my age. Anyway, even in my past life, as a university student, there wasn't a single problem I couldn't solve.

Once, when I showed that I could solve all the problems given by the private tutor, he widened his eyes... the previous Elysion was too dumb.

"If that's the case, it's fine, but..."

Even so, she continued to furrow her brow with worry about my studies.

Perhaps, to reassure her, it might be a good idea for me to attend classes with her when the opportunity arises.

"Now, let's finish today's training here. I appreciate your cooperation tomorrow as well."


After bowing, Serena left the training ground to change.

Now then, I need to change too.

Unable to stand up due to fatigue and damage from training, I crawled toward the exit of the training ground as usual.


"Prince Elysion, Lady Serena. Excuse me."

After bathing and changing clothes, Mir, Serena's exclusive maid, poured tea for both Serena and me as we sat facing each other on the terrace in the garden.

By the way, she was dispatched by the Ravenhurst family to fill in for the absence of a maid caused by assigning Marion to Vikir.

She is the daughter of the Ashton Baron, serving the Ravenhurst family for generations, and is said to be very talented.

Leaving that aside, with her bob-cut hair of linen-like sweet color, hazel eyes shining behind glasses, and a well-featured face, she's so beautiful that she wouldn't be overshadowed by the heroines of 'Engage Hundered times,' although she never appears in the game.

In this world, it seems like there are only beautiful women.


"Receiving such a fervent gaze from the prince makes me want to help myself to some snacks... Doesn't it, Lady?"

"Ah! Mir!"

Pointing her index finger to her mouth with a chuckle, Mir smiled at Serena, who stood up with an agitated voice.

It's a flaw in the gem that she teases and mocks both me and her mistress on every occasion.

"Haah... that's enough. More importantly, I know it's a bit late to ask, but was that really... okay?"

"Of course. The strength I desire is precisely that..."

Even though Serena has repeatedly confirmed with me like this, I have no regrets.

Yes... for the purpose of surviving in this world of 'Engage Hundered times,' I chose the weapon of a shield, out of all the various weapons such as swords, spears, bows, and maces.

Well, I'm aware of the possible retort like, "A shield is a piece of armor, not a weapon," but in 'Engage Hundered times,' it's an established weapon card.

Anyway, in the combat part, the character swings the shield like a sword when performing physical attacks.

Anyway, for the purpose of 'protecting myself and the woman I cherish,' there's no better weapon than this.

"And... am I...allowed to come?"

Looking at me as I sipped from the cup, she timidly asked with upturned eyes.

"...There shouldn't be any problems."

"Th-thank you!"

Now, I can obtain it.

—Not the useless 'Reaper's Scythe,' but my own exclusive weapon.