2 My First Love

"Is this really okay...?"

"Yes! Your Highness Elysion, you are looking more splendid than ever today!"

The servants praised me enthusiastically, but this attire clearly doesn't suit me—a white formal suit with shoulder pads adorned with tasteless, flashy accessories.

If this game had a 'Charisma' stat, equipping this outfit would undoubtedly trigger numerous debuffs, resulting in a negative number for my charismatic stat.

Maybe it could work for a protagonist or a rival character, but unfortunately, I'm just a pawn, devoid of any elements that could turn negatives into positives.

"No, this outfit won't do! Please, get me something else!"

"Eh!? U-understood!"

As I shouted in refusal, I felt old Elysion's emotions rushing through me, and my body language completely changed into his as I threw the outfit at the servant's face.

'Darn, I should control myself!'

The servants, faces turning pale, hurriedly began preparing a different outfit.

Yet, upon further thought, Elysion always wore such attire in the game. Maybe the servants prepared it out of consideration.

My bad.

However, today's meeting is crucial; it's going to determine whether I live or die. I can't afford to fail, so let me be a bit selfish.

And so, "Yes... Yes! This is it!"

"Uh, I'm glad it suits your taste..."

Having changed into a new outfit, I nodded in satisfaction, and the servants showed a relieved expression.

If I wear something modest and clean like this, her... impression might be slightly better...

"Oh, I forgot my handkerchief."

I informed the maid, and she prepared a handkerchief for me.

'Oh! I remember giving a handkerchief akin to this to a boy...'

Gazing at the handkerchief embroidered with a dragon, I couldn't help but remember him, although not his face. I am unable to forget his silhouette and weeping sounds he made.

'I forgot to ask for his name, but I wonder if he's doing well...'

"Well, it's about time, Your Highness."

Oops, this is not the time to get lost in memories.

"Yes, let's go."

I hastily made my way to the reception room where the king awaited.

And then, "Oh, Elysion. I've been waiting."

"U-uh, I apologize for making you wait..."

The one who greeted me was King Eival Wel Silvercrest, my father.

Seemingly dignified yet with a kind impression, he, for some reason, three years later, would summon me and three other princes, declaring that the one who brings the world's greatest fiancée will become the next king.

He is a type of person who is typically normal but unpredictable, so I can't let my guard down until the main story of "Engage 100 times" begins.

"Elysion, what's wrong?"

"Huh!? N-nothing, just a bit nervous seeing the beauty of Lady Serena..."

Uh-oh, I got a bit spaced out.

Focus. Let's Focus, Elysion.

At that moment, a middle-aged man and a young girl sitting opposite the king slowly stood up.

"Lord Elysion, it is an honor to meet you."

The girl gracefully curtsied.

Platinum blonde hair, sparkling sapphire eyes, and lips in a soft cherry blossom color against clear white skin.

She is Serena of Ravenhurst, the daughter of Duke Ravenhurst, who owns one-third of the Silvercrest Kingdom's territory.

In the main story, the king announces that she is to be my fiancée precisely to Elysion.

Immediately after King Eival's proclamation, he broke off the engagement with her and did something incredibly rude.

Thinking that, he will get more exceptional women than her.

Of course, Ravenhurst Duke was furious, and along with her brother and other nobles, they rebelled against the kingdom.

We face an imminent crisis in the kingdom from the beginning, but the protagonist resolves it safely, meeting one of the main heroines within the war.

In essence, from here, Elysion's role as a pawn... or sidekick begins.

By the way, Duke Ravenhurst is executed for high treason, and Serena is also executed, all because of this bastard who didn't agree to engagement and disrespected the Ravenhurst house.

This is the tutorial scenario for the game, and Serena only appears in the start or visual intro.

But... I, in my previous life, fell in love with that unfortunate beauty.

The beauty appeared in only one still, with no voice-over, no different expression, etc.

Still, none of that mattered to me.

From the day I got to know her, I played the tutorial dozens of times just for that one scene, requested her appearance as DLC every day, praised her once a day on social media.

If there were any negative comments about her on forums, I would crush them instantly... though it never happened, since no one talked about her.

That's how much I fell for Serena.

So now, feeling moved and nervous, I found myself speechless. To begin with, I was never good at conversations with girls.

"...It seems His Highness Elysion doesn't quite fancy my daughter."

"Huh!? N-no, I apologize! It's just... I got nervous because of Lady Serena's overwhelming beauty..."

Glared at by Duke Ravenhurst, I quickly apologized.

Certainly, my words were not a lie.

"Hahaha! I see, I see! It seems you're taken liking to her! Excellent, my son!"


King Eival laughed cheerfully, but Duke Ravenhurst, despite his daughter being praised, didn't hide his displeasure.

It seems he opposes my engagement to Serena, but considering my reputation, it's understandable.

"Well, well! Let's make ourselves scarce. Elysion, guide Miss Serena around the palace."


I nodded at the king, and in front of Serena,

"L-Lady Serena, please...!?"



Even though I'm the third prince, I knelt before her, offering my right hand... but my tongue slip ruined it.

"Cough... Well then, let's go, my lady."

"Yes...your highness."

Coughing to cover up my tongue-biting mistake, I felt the warmth of her small hand gently accompanying mine as we left the audience room, under the watchful eyes of the king and the duke.

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