Surviving By Relying On My Yandere Fiancee

Meet Elysion, the third prince trapped in a romantic RPG nightmare! He’s the ultimate underdog, hated sidekick with a fatal fate. But guess what? Elysion’s got a game-changing plan, after all he is harry and has got his past life wisdom. No more canceling engagements and diving into disastrous endings. This time, he’s sidestepping fiancée drama from the get-go. The twist? The Duke’s daughter, once his top pick, is a powerhouse of possessiveness and obsession – A TOTAL YANDERE Get ready for a rollercoaster of love, survival, and unexpected turns in this RPG adventure! ****** A/N: Though it’s yandere(obsessive female lead) it's not serious, it will be soothing and can except many comedic scenes. Hoping, you will give it a try regardless of your liking to yandere or not.

Stylish_Demon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
118 Chs

Me And Him

"By the way... Who are you, and where do you come from?"

Out of the blue, Serena fixed Mary with an icy stare.

Oh, right, I never introduced her.

"Uh, um, this is Mary..."

"Prince Elysion. I'm asking about her."

"Eh!? Y-Yes!"

I replied, standing still, my body tensed in response to her unexpectedly low voice.

"Because of you, Prince Elysion has been bothered. Answer quickly."


Serena snorted, walking towards Mary, who curtsied with furrowed brows.

Uh, um... Should I intervene? But what's with the atmosphere?



"Why were you giving Prince Elysion such a look?"


"Didn't you hear? I'm asking why a maid like you was looking at Prince Elysion, my fiancé, with disdain."

...I understood why she was so furious.

She noticed the same condescending glance from Mary that I always felt. No, she noticed it for me.

"...You, what are you saying?"

"Don't lie. So, what do you think of Prince Elysion?"


Confronted with Serena's intense questioning, Mary fell silent.

Well, you can't really speak the truth, can you?

"...Well, never mind. Anyway, I cannot allow someone like you near Prince Elysion. Leave the palace immediately."

"Eh!? W-Why..."

"Didn't you hear? I said you are bothersome."

Oh... I never expected Serena to declare exile on Mary. But, I am Mary's employer.

"A-Alright... While Lady Serena is His Highness Elysion's fiancée, you doesn't have the authority to decide my treatment..."

"I am Serena Ravenhurst, the eldest daughter of the Ravenhurst family that supports the Silvercrest Kingdom. Removing one palace maid is a trivial matter."


Indeed, it would be easy for the Ravenhurst family to handle such things. If she says, "Mary made a mistake," the palace would likely consider it and expel her.

"W-While Lady Serena is His Highness Elysion's fiancée, why... Hii!?"

Mary, trembling at Serena's expression, cleared her throat in the middle of her sentence.

She probably wanted to continue like this:

'Why would someone like you, who is high, and beautiful is taking 'the incompetent prince,' Elysion's side?'

About that, even I find it mysterious.

She, as the daughter of the Ravenhurst Duke's family, should definitely know about my reputation. Despite being a political engagement decided by King Eival, she not only visits the palace and accompanies me in training but also guides me to become stronger.

Considering her status, beauty, and skills not inferior to the heroine of "Engage hundred time," it's not unreasonable for her to look down on and despise me, a third-rate and worthless third prince with a delinquent attitude.

Yet, in front of me, she reveals so much anger for my sake.

I really don't understand.

"What can you, someone like you, understand about Prince Elysion! Prince Elysion, for the sake of our promise... went through rigorous training without a single complaint!"

"Stop making shallow judgments without knowing his true self!"


In the face of Serena's vehement expression, Mary faltered, not knowing what to do.

I mean, I don't know how to put it, but it was Serena, who in the prologue of game is silently abandoned by Elysion, the girl was the first person to speak for me, even in my pervious life no one acknowledged my efforts because of my brother.


"Prince Elysion, excuse me." 

Serena wiped my cheeks with a handkerchief.

Ah... haha... it seems I was crying.

But, it can't be helped.

The Elysion inside me has finally been recognized by someone.

Even my real mother never acknowledged my efforts, it was same for Elysion.

Ah... but, it's a bit different.

The Elysion inside me is still me, and I am still Elysion.


"Ugh... Uuu... Uaaaahhh!"

Unable to endure it any longer, I cried out loudly.