Survive As The Brute's Wife Book

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Survive As The Brute's Wife


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**COMPLETED**"I am not worthless. I deserve to live. I will survive!" In a world where women are treated as mere ornaments and pawns, she woke up in the body of an abused Lady, with no memory of who she is. In a land that forbids magic, she finds out that she is someone with magical powers. The kind that is a threat to the Brute Emperor who is conquering all lands. And as her memory returns, she figures out that she is the once-great knight who suffered Damnatio memoriae after betraying the King she swore an oath to serve. A woman as a Knight? Ah, she had to pretend to be a man to be a Knight! Why did she go that far to be a Knight? She didn't remember. And why did she betray her king? She didn’t remember. And now, the one she shares the body with- Lady Felixa got married(?) to the direct descendant of the King she betrayed. Refusing him is not an option. She learns that the story of the Knight who betrayed the King had versions. In one version, the Knight was the Hero. There are still people who believe that the Hero will be born again to save them from the Brute. If she is the Knight, is she the Hero people are waiting for? But wouldn't that put her in odds with the Brute who is now her husband? Along with the magical power she has, she has to hide her identity as the fallen Knight from her husband – The Brute, while trying to act as the submissive Lady Felixa whose body she is occupying. To survive! But why is the Brute looking at her weirdly? He even acts weird making her feel weird. And what’s with him showering her with gifts one day and trying to get her practice swordsmanship with him the other? What secret does he hold? And who is this other Knight from her memory?


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