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Survival Journey


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I am glad to have read the novel! it is about loving oneself, a woman realizing that she doesn't need anyone else other than herself and her own courage! do read the story for those who haven't. ♥

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Boom.. This work is amazing as it's author. This is one of those first person Godly Narrations that keeps the reader on the edge. A brilliantly worked book. But the extra chapters were a bit unneccessary, but it does helps the writer to keep in touch with the reader. Thank you for the work and keep on writing..DON'T DROP IT.


Get book, I loved the whole story. The writing style of the author is really good🤗🤗🤗🤗 I highly recommend this book....it really is intresting. Good job writer😁😁


It's a composition of motivational, melancholic, and striking narrations that etch deep into the heart. In addition, you get a short poem at the beginning of every chapter. Not to mention, every chapter is poetic in its own right. I'd highly recommend everyone to give it a try.


Bravo! This book is filled with many wonderful words. Wise words! Teaches one about ethics together with showing the possibility of neglected behavior. One can feel the pain and frustration of the MC. I'm looking forward to see how she overcame her obstacles and how she improved to being the strongest !!


The story has a unique narrative style, and although chapters are much shorter than most other stories, and some are just A/N fillers, the story is still quite interesting.


Hey, author! I really liked this book and the way you write is so captivating. 😍❤ Kudos to the author for such a great job!👍😊❤ Wish you good luck for this book!❤


its totalllyyy greatttttt. plz upload other chapters tooo . [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Very interesting and very good novel I m really liking it and looking forward to read your novel more and more I m Hooked by your novel and loving it ..


sorry for this late review but dang those 4 chaps are awesome. I was hooked the moment I read that opening remarks. I only have one issue with the compacted paragraphs. they look big even in laptop.. I suggest for the author to tone them down to small paragraphs like 2 sentences in... so readers won't have a hard time swallowing giant paragraphs.. nonetheless, it is a really good novel and it has less word counts than other novels. keep up the good work!


This story is written in a rich narrative style. We all have family, blood or not, and can relate to this book in one way or the other. The feeling of being left out, unloved. It resonates in your mind even if you haven't gone through it before. The author did a wonderful work to capture the reader's attention through the story. I love it.


Wow, this story is really good! I am so happy that I had a chance to read this story! I love the lines, it's deep. Good work, Author![img=recommend]


I love the book! I like the characteristics and the writing style! of course I would love a longer version but overall this novel is definitely worth reading! [img=update]


The author's narrating style is so impressive. I felt the emotions and pain of the female lead as if I was going through it. Hope the female lead finds her happiness at the end. All the best...


I love the book tbh... the book keeps you un edge and make you want to read more. I love how it slowly started and went to the reviling some part of the strong MC. it's impressive! Well done Author!


This story will teach you how to love yourself. I love how the character was build, very promising. I lost track of time while reading this. Highly recommended. I need to finish this one. Nice job author.


It’s a worthwhile story to read. The author showcased the female lead personality very well and I’m totally in love with the female lead because of the way her life is going and she doesn't need anyone to love her. She loves herself and has enough courage to take her own decisions and be happy. The narration is in the first person’s pov which I like because it makes the readers understand who is narrating. Fantastic work. Keep writing!!! I hope you succeed and showcase brilliant stories in the future. Kudos! Keep up the good work, author!


This is one of the most amazing life story I have had read till now. The deepest truth of life lived and explained so beautifully and amazingly. Hoping to see more of this life story very soon 💖


This story is incredible, we need more stories and characters like that. You have an incredible talent, I hope you go very far with your talent dear. You have a lot of potentials, I want more chapters and continue to see you here... You are awesome


The book is amazing! And I am really happy with such good work and I am glad I came by this book! The author has done an amazing job here! Great job!