1 Qilin (1)

"Ha, ha, ha, do you really think that you could defeat? You foolish Qilin Descendant! Someone like you would never be able to defeat this Apostle of Darkness!"

"That's what you think, but know that justice will always prevail against evil!"

There was a large explosion that appeared in the air before two separate figures were blown away.

When they landed, they immediately faced each other once more.

But the strange thing was that even though there was a large explosion, the people that had been walking through the street didn't seem to notice a thing. They just all kept walking along, as if they were just minding their own business.

When the smoke cleared from the two figures, they were revealed to be one human and one demon looking thing.

The human was a beautiful azure haired young man with feminine features.

The demon was this strange thing that didn't really have a form, but the one thing that it did have was a bunch of tentacles reaching out in all directions.

The two of them just stood there for a second before charging forward at each other.

When they charged forward, the azure haired young man reached out to the side and there was a pure white energy sword that appeared in his hand.

The demon's tentacles waved in the air and prepared to attack the azure haired young man.

It was a very flashy fight with the tentacles assaulting this young man while he cut them all down with his white energy sword.

From time to time, there seemed to be opportunities for the demon to grab the young man, but he escaped every time.

As more and more of its tentacles were being cut, the demon looked like it was getting worse and worse.

Eventually, it was being pushed back by the azure haired young man completely.

As the demon backed up, it was pushed right back up against a wall so there was nowhere for this demon to go.

It had become a trapped beast and when beasts were trapped, they would go all out.

"Stop!" The demon shouted which made the azure haired young man stop in his tracks.

But that was only for a second before the azure haired young man started moving forward again.

However, before the azure haired young man could reach the demon, there were tentacles that suddenly popped up around them. These tentacles came right out of the ground.

It was just that these tentacles weren't aimed at the azure haired young man.

Instead, these tentacles were aimed at the pedestrians that were around them.

They were in the middle of a crowded street, so there were plenty of people that were just hanging around. But even though there were tentacles that were aimed at them, it didn't seem like they noticed them at all.

It was as if they couldn't see them.

This time, the azure haired young man didn't charge at the demon and instead revealed a grim look.

The demon revealed a smile when it saw this before saying, "Now, you'll listen to what I have to say, or else all of these people will meet their end."

The azure haired young man gritted his teeth before saying, "What do you want?"

The demon's smile disappeared before it said in a serious voice, "Let me go and I'll let them all go."

This time, it was the azure haired young man's turn to reveal a smile.

He looked right at the demon and said, "Why do you think that I would ever let you go? Do you really think that I could trust the words of a demon like you?"

This time, the demon revealed an ugly expression, but it forced itself to stay calm.

It looked right at the azure haired young man and said, "Are you really willing to sacrifice all these innocent people? If you don't follow my orders, then I will kill them all."

The azure haired young man looked at the demon with the same smile, but he didn't say anything.

Instead, he just raised his hand and flicked it outwards.

Before the demon could respond, all of its tentacles were cut by something.

The demon looked on in shock to find that there were a bunch of silver energy blades that had appeared. They had been invisible, but it could now see them because of the refraction from the sun.

In a stunned voice, the demon said, "How…When?"

But the azure haired young man didn't bother answering.

The azure haired young man just charged right at the demon with a look of anger on his face as he said, "The forces of evil like you should never be trusted. I will never let you do anything to harm these innocent people."

The demon was completely caught off guard by its tentacles being cut like this, so it wasn't able to react at all as the azure haired young man cut it down.

As it layed there bleeding out, the demon looked up at the azure haired young man and said, "You think that you can stop us?" The demon broke out in laughter after saying this before continuing, "All hail the great Four Evil Omens!"

The azure haired young man knitted his brows when he heard this and quickly reached out towards the demon.

When he did, there was a barrier that appeared around that demon that blocked it off from the rest of the world.

It was a good thing that this azure haired young man had reacted quick enough or…he would have been caught in the explosion.

The demon blew itself up and the barrier was barely able to contain the explosion, cracking in some parts. However, the explosion was contained by the barrier in the end.

After the explosion, the azure haired young man said, "I'll never let that happen."

Now, you might think that this was the protagonist of this story.

Unfortunately, you're wrong.

Who is the protagonist?

No, it's not that guy sipping coffee in the cafe.

It's not the girl walking by with her headphones in.

It's not the demon who just blew up.

Let me give you a hint.

Do you see that convenience store over there?

Yes, that one right at the corner.

Look through the window.

No, it's not the clerk that's stocking the shelves or the one that's behind the counter.

Right at the window, the one in front of the magazine stand.

The average looking young man who has that naughty magazine in his hand.

That's me, the protagonist, Lin Fan.

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