Surnamed Li, you're such a scum Book

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Surnamed Li, you're such a scum


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A short and sweet story just nice for bedtime. Guaranteed that no brain cells will be used. Might be illogical but.... Sypnopsis: Luo Jingli was brought up in a single parent family and his mother earns enough only to make ends meet. He was just searching for a job to feed himself and pay for his mother’s eye surgery, but life is not always as easy as you think, especially for Luo Jingli... However, he unexpectedly found more than just a job... Scum top Li Zheng that turned over a new leaf x thin and weak bottom Luo Jingli that fell in love at first sight. Its supposed to be for young readers too so there wont be many sex scenes Warning I: only for 15+ peeps Warning II: This is a boys love/bxb story Warning III: This is a rough translation of me and my friend's ORIGINAL WORK WARNING IV: We do NOT allow our work to be adapted or used in any way without our permission. Warning V: The top once raped the bottom. Only mentioned, not described. (I don't like this but somehow we wrote it then) If you want more updates or to talk to us, you can do so via Instagram (@jandlorz01) Please leave a review and vote if you like this book :). ps: gifts are very much appreciated :)