Supreme Villain: Help! Yandere Heroines Keep Stalking Me!

"I was reborn in an apocalyptic novel world?" A handsome male asked the void but received no answer, his face filled with shock as he awoke from sleep in a hospital bed; the date told him it was just seven days before he was destined to die. Seth Darkwood was an ordinary guy; he liked sleeping with cute women, novels, morning coffee and his job as an editor for novels, living a happy life. But died after being run over by the girl he was trying to sleep with. He woke up in a white world, and met a divine being that allowed him to be reborn in a new world. It seemed to be the normal thing now. However, through a misunderstanding, the Divine being sent him into the body of a character with the same name in an apocalyptic novel called Surviving the Apocalypse with My S Rank Wives. A novel about the MC Chu Feng collecting beauties and beating the undead with his amazing skills as a former soldier king... The problem was Seth didn't get reborn as Chu Feng... but a small, pathetic side villain with the same name. Someone who would die on the day the apocalypse started! He was given a lifeline! His [Apocalypse System] was designed to make him into a Supreme Villain that added an RPG Level up system for Seth and anyone who becomes his ally and many other features. With this system, he tries to live life as he desires, slowly sinking into the role of villain step by step as his womanising and destructive ways allow him to enjoy the role of villain, finding the simp character he took over was far too tragic as he sets out to become the Supreme Villain. However, he notices that the heroines have begun to change. Once they leave the story script, they follow him, seeking his help like lost ducks, becoming obsessive... "Why is Su Muyure watching me with a bloody knife in her hand from behind that corner?"

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Yandere Heroine x Childhood Friend

The meeting with Vincent went better than Seth expected once he turned up. To be honest, he only planned to take the keys and wait for the busses to turn up on the fourth day but was surprised with the person meeting with his assistant at the moment he arrived.

'I wonder why Anna was here so soon...' 

Seth was sitting in the back of Elena's car while Anna and her family were beside him and in the front, with Vincent riding his motorbike ahead, leading the way to the Domus Aurora mansion.

'Elena looked a bit pissed off.'

"Mister Darkwood, why did you hold this company gathering?" Clara, the youngest of the Kovella sisters, asked softly and youthfully. 

In truth, it seemed Anna wanted to ask the question, but as his employee, she held back, feeling a strange sense of being overpowered by his gaze; somehow, it was the first time a man didn't look at her tits or body... just her eyes.

'Let's just be honest... Sorry, old Seth, but your pathetic self has to be called out.'

"Honestly..." His voice was a little low and hoarse as if he was contemplating something that made him anxious. "I used to be a pathetic fool who was obsessed with a female, and the company suffered, letting friends take positions they didn't deserve...." 

Seth leaned back and closed his eyes, scrunching and furrowing his brows with a wry smile. 

"The people I invited to this meeting and work session should have been given a chance but missed out due to my hubris. Now that I have learned how a man should act, I must take responsibility, tear down those who are rotting the company, and give the true talents a chance if they would forgive me."

"Hmmm..." Clara didn't quite understand but knew her sister applied for a data management job only to be given a poor role like an intern left adjusting the flowers and displays.

Anna was the one most surprised. The rumours about Seth Darkwood were numerous; he tosses money around, is a simp for Su Muyue and has no idea how to judge a person while letting his business fall apart because of his choices.

"Then, Mr Darkwood. What about my sister Anna? In your eyes, how does she rank in your opinion?" Madalena, the eldest sister, asked, eyes locked on Seth, who simply smiled back at her without any pressure.

"At the very least, she should be responsible for data management or the company's digital security."

"Oh, my?" It seemed I managed to avoid the doubts of both sisters as they nodded and seemed to lower their vigilance while the eyes of Anna herself became more vivid and watched Seth like a hawk because his words were exactly what she thought and desired.

Although she applied for data management, she truly desired digital and web security.


Their conversation continued with small talk as the mansion came into view, a huge expansive land split in half with two huge mansions, one with a silver and blue colour scheme called the Luna mansion and the other with a golden and red colour scheme, the Aurora mansion.

A long curved drive like two serpents curving into the respective parking lot and huge underground garage. 

Vincent stopped first, getting off his bike before lifting his beloved wife off, heading to the door to open the thick steel doors, and entering the Aurora Mansion while Seth directed Elena to park in the Aurora mansion.

'Wow... the mansions look amazing... the walls are nearly seven metres tall like some medieval castle wall.'

"Oh, there is someone in the Luna mansion? Damn... I was going to purchase it once we settled in."

According to Vincent, the Luna mansion was supposed to be empty; Anna just tilted her head, recalling that Seth mentioned buying the place and wondered just how rich this guy was, but she looked around the walls and felt that it was very secure and safe...

Her interest in the man who owned her company grew as she spent time around him because he was nothing like the rumours.

⁜ Anna Kovella's interest in Seth Darkwood has changed from Great Dislike to Neutral: VP+200

⁜ Anna Kovella added to Fourth Character Slot -> Max Partners Now Five!

'Well, it's not my business... Let's just make do with what we have.'

The group began heading along the path towards the mansion entrance. A huge row of beautiful bushes with colourful flowers and various trees lined the pathway as the massive mansion appeared in their vision, causing the women to gasp... It was bigger than a mall.

'It was so entertaining... but honestly, I don't care anymore...'

Elena parked the car with a frown, looking at the Luna mansion and feeling a chill as if someone was watching her from the window... It terrified her as Seth noticed her pale expression and rubbed her head.

"Come on... let's enter our home."

Elena blushed upon hearing Seth calling it their home; she was worried he might be displeased about her falling asleep last night, but he seemed calm, as if it didn't matter; while making her feel a little confused, she was grateful he seemed more patient than the past.

'Though I was expecting Su Muyue to appear...'

⁜ Made Su Muyue Jealous by walking around with four beautiful women: VP +500

"Boss, here's the keys. It would be rude if I opened the main doors before you; there's a security box for the property and the gate at the front, so we should hire some security staff if possible."

Claudia was sitting on the stone wall beside the entrance. She was a very stern woman and hated that Seth took advantage of Vincent. And never respected him in the past and kept watch to ensure he didn't do anything to her darling. 

"Vincent, good work, but call me Seth today as we're not working, haha. You've done better than I could imagine, so stay in that detached guest house for a week and enjoy some time off."

'I don't want him to leave my sight and die somewhere else...'

"Eh Bos....Seth? I planned to go on holiday to the east." 

"Don't worry, the week off is a reward and won't be counted as your holiday days, and I'll give you pay and a half. Okay?" 

Then, before the kind-hearted Vincent could decline the bonus wage, she stood up, her elbow smashing into his stomach, "Really!? You won't lie to us, right Seth?" She was different from Vincent because the two had been friends for nearly as long as he and Elena.

"Of course, Claudia, your husband is too good a worker normally, so let's ensure he takes some time off."

'Forgive me for lying; it is too soon to make you hysteric, and I am only one man... there is no power inside me to save the entire city or world... a hundred, maybe two hundred, might be my current limit.'

'And why would I save unrelated people when I can save those useful to me... haha.'

"Let's go inside." Seth placed the key into the lock, the long and thick golden key with a small dragon inscription on the top. The moment he twisted the lock, there was a heavy feeling that, even with his boosted strength, felt slightly stiff, followed by a loud click.

'Hmmm, where did Elena go?' 


Meanwhile, near the Luna manner, two women were facing each other; both felt a strange sense of familiarity with the other... the aura and feeling made them feel relieved, like with family or close friends.

"Su Muyue, why did you buy the Luna mansion... is it just to stalk Seth?"

"Hmm.... what stalking? I just wanted to buy this mansion all of a sudden..."

The two looked at each other at a standstill while Seth was busy with the other, giving them a tour of his new home. At the same time, Elena shrugged her shoulders and walked inside the open door of Su Muyue's house without care.

"Why do you have the same things that Seth bought?"