Supreme Villain: Help! Yandere Heroines Keep Stalking Me!

"I was reborn in an apocalyptic novel world?" A handsome male asked the void but received no answer, his face filled with shock as he awoke from sleep in a hospital bed; the date told him it was just seven days before he was destined to die. Seth Darkwood was an ordinary guy; he liked sleeping with cute women, novels, morning coffee and his job as an editor for novels, living a happy life. But died after being run over by the girl he was trying to sleep with. He woke up in a white world, and met a divine being that allowed him to be reborn in a new world. It seemed to be the normal thing now. However, through a misunderstanding, the Divine being sent him into the body of a character with the same name in an apocalyptic novel called Surviving the Apocalypse with My S Rank Wives. A novel about the MC Chu Feng collecting beauties and beating the undead with his amazing skills as a former soldier king... The problem was Seth didn't get reborn as Chu Feng... but a small, pathetic side villain with the same name. Someone who would die on the day the apocalypse started! He was given a lifeline! His [Apocalypse System] was designed to make him into a Supreme Villain that added an RPG Level up system for Seth and anyone who becomes his ally and many other features. With this system, he tries to live life as he desires, slowly sinking into the role of villain step by step as his womanising and destructive ways allow him to enjoy the role of villain, finding the simp character he took over was far too tragic as he sets out to become the Supreme Villain. However, he notices that the heroines have begun to change. Once they leave the story script, they follow him, seeking his help like lost ducks, becoming obsessive... "Why is Su Muyure watching me with a bloody knife in her hand from behind that corner?"

Lord_Raven · Urban
Not enough ratings
220 Chs

Enter Chu Feng - Goodbye Prologue!

⁜ ??? POV

There was a large commotion at the Su family home because their eldest daughter suddenly took leave from her company and gave her position to an outsider.

Not only that, she withdrew all her funds, seemed to have bought a mansion somewhere, and no longer returned their calls.

In the rich corridors filled with paintings and expensive antiques to boost their vanity, a young man in filthy clothes who could only be seen as a beggar walked towards the main entrance...

He was handsome but not world-level. If compared, he would be the same as a small-time idol who would sleep with older patrons to rise to fame. Yet despite his horrible clothes and fashion sense or manners, the male carried a slight charm that might turn the eyes of an inexperienced or lonely housewife to look twice.

His rugged muscles and scars told a story of his life as a soldier and special agent, but there was more to this young man than it seemed.