Supreme Transmigrator-Axton Zavier

Author: LIGht_Pen
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What is Supreme Transmigrator-Axton Zavier

Read Supreme Transmigrator-Axton Zavier novel written by the author LIGht_Pen on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, magic, weaktostrong, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Martin woke up in a seething rage. The memory of his father's name leaving the mouth of the assassin tasked with his death was forever etched into the inner parts of his brain. The man he had trusted with his life, although they weren't that close, Martin had never thought he would be the reason for his death. But in the darkness that followed, something extraordinary happened. he found himself transmigrated into a new body, in a new world. A vessel made for his burning anger and thirst for revenge. He was accompanied on his journey by a strange type of rune, and blessed with an hidden room of power. In his new life, he realized he wasn't spared from the constant betrayals. Martin forged his timid heart into one made of boiling furnace, his soul was fueled by the desire to return to his world and pay his father for his crimes. He took an oath, one drenched in the blood and sweat of his struggles: They would grovel before his feet. Each breath he took was tainted with the want for vengeance, each step was guided by the inferno that blazed wildly in him. The path ahead was shrouded in darkness, but Martin welcomed it, for it was the crucible in which he would forge his revenge. "I AM AXTON ZAVIER, THE SUPREME GOD OF CULTIVATION." ......................... _________ ****I do not own the cover**** I have been planning this story for a year now and I hope you like it. Yes it has everything ranging from action, adventure, revenge, etc. DISCORD SERVER : https://discord.com/invite/UXY22fphqe ____ CHAPTER LENGTH (1000-1500) Depending on my inspiration. (1-3) CHAPTERS DAILY 20 powerstones leads to an extra chapter at the end of the week! 40 powerstones leads to two extra chapters at the end of the week! ^^ Thank you for joining me on this literary journey. Enjoy the adventure!

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I love the pilot chapter, dah! It gets you hooked by the very first few paragraphs... Odd but I love chapter 12 "Proudly a pervert" 😅 With the chapters I have read thus far I am enjoying the story. The story building is good so is the writing style, so far I have queries. Good story...worth my collection


Shameless Author, giving myself a good review because why not? ^^This is my first cultivation book, it's very good, as there are a lot of elements you wouldn't expect. ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥDrop your gifts and stones, I want to choked by them. cough.


An interesting novel with an easy character name to remember. I recommend this novel to new readers out there.


The scenes of the plot are well-written and catchy. You need to write more updates. You could also reorganize the synopsis of your story. I suggest you use Grammarly and Quillbot to improve the flow of the sentences. Overall, the story is a must-have to add to the library!


An exciting new tale am expecting alot from.Epic chapters to the end


perfecto , a simple grammar, easy to understand,I feel like I was inside the story


That's really a good one. I enjoyed reading it. Can't read to read more. Even i write if you like you can check it out. Do you have a editor as you wrote it very well. Best wishes


He's the real deal, everyone! Every word he writes paints a vivid and descriptive scene, making it incredibly easy to understand and visualize. I wholeheartedly recommend his work.


Its pretty good. Although the story could use a bit more paragraphing and a little less info dumping, especially close to the end of chapter 3, its interesting over all. The Blind orcs did a good job of building up tension, but try describing them a bit more, that'll add an extra layer to the tension.


Nice novel and llooking forward to more updates from the writer. Enjjoy reading about Martin!💕


Its good! This kind of clean writing what I aimed. The character name are easy to remember, their abilities are also noticable. Perfecting your story plot for a year is a good idea, maybe I should also do that. Great job author!! 🥰🥰🥰


I feel like the character development is slow. (My personal thoughts by the way 💜)


A must read (⌐■-■)you don't see cultivation books like this everyday ಠ◡ಠ ✨💓


the novel is good and well structured kudos to the author


👌👌 Splendid. This is a good story, with well developed characters.


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