Supreme Tamer

【Authorized Translation】 Chaos (previously known as Fish's Sky)'s classic novel 'The Charm of Soul Pets' has now officially published on WebNovel, under the name 'Supreme Tamer'!!! The Cloud bird that flies across the blue sky and in between the emerald grass; the ruthless and brutal Blood Wolves that roam on the Gobi Dessert; the Night Dream Beast traversing the jungles under the moon; the Divine Spirits Dictator that drinks the breeze and swallows the mist on the most treacherous cliffs and valleys. The Ocean Spirit Monster that swims through the bottom of the ocean, the Thousand-eyes Tree Beast that stands tall on the peak of the mountain amidst the clouds. Sword Hider, Sunset Gull, Ancient Wood Spirit, Chaos Thunder Spirit, Fox Beast of the Frost Curse… Plants, beasts, elementals, spirits, this is a strange, mystical, and fantastic world of spirit beasts! Our main character is a young spirit beast tamer. Initially, he raised a young mutated spirit beast – Moonlight Fox. After repeated battles, it mutated to become the more powerful Evil Flame Six Tailed Fox, followed by the even more advanced Crowned Flame Nine-Tail Fox! Accompanied by this mutated spirit beast, he stepped foot on the path of true power. He took even more rare pet beasts under him and kept working hard toward becoming a supreme beast tamer.

Chaos (Fish's Sky) · Eastern
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785 Chs

Chapter 66: The Opportunity of Life (Trinity)

Translator: 549690339

Xia Guanghan stood there like a block of ice, his gaze emotionless as he watched Cao Yi reveal a humble and fearful appearance.

"Lord Xia... Lord Xia..." Cao Yi wanted to defend his actions just now.

In fact, during those three months, Xia Guanghan had visited Green Nightmare Demon Island once, and he was greatly surprised by Chu Mu's tenacious vitality.

For other Soul Pet Masters, it is very difficult to raise a White Nightmare Demon, but Chu Mu had raised the White Nightmare Demon for more than three months!

Someone who could raise a White Nightmare Demon to the second rank with their own strength would be of great value to the Nightmare Demon Palace, so Xia Guanghan had specifically instructed Chu Mu to continue developing...

Xia Guanghan didn't kill Chu Mu directly and allowed Chu Mu to continue raising the White Nightmare Demon, which meant that Xia Guanghan already had some attention on Chu Mu and intended to cultivate him.